The Long Wait Power Rangers Samurai Is Finally Over

Well, you can actually tell Christmas Time is coming shortly. Traditionally, that’s exactly the time period when we see plenty of video and video gaming releases. And also this time it’s not any different. Over the next two weeks, two long awaited video game titles will make our stores. The first one is a Personal Computer game called Anno 2070. The 2nd one is made for the Nintendo Wii Game Console and titled after a well known Television Series: Power Rangers Samurai.

Anno 2070 is really a simulation. The theory of the game is not really any different from its successors. You are in charge of working on your civilization. You will determine the rise and fall of your empire. Not surprisingly, your choices are going to have a direct influence on your ability to succeed. Nonetheless, there is one main difference in comparison to the prior editions of the Anno Series. Anno 2070, as suggested by its name, is actually a projection on the future. Rather than cottages and wagons, you may be struggling with tremendously advanced architectures and high tech automobiles.

One of the main matters you have to manage is the increased water level because of the effects of climatic change. Water is all over and makes things just a little bit more complex. The visuals and features are breath taking and the programmers have set a whole new standard of video gaming fun. Obviously, you can either engage in the single player mode or if you choose, with an entire community of internet game enthusiasts across the globe.

What will you be your pick? Are you interested in the prosperity of the society as well as the ecosystem, or are you much more ofa tycoon like figure who is interested in riches and cash? That’s a decision you will need to make before getting started and this will determine the course of the entire game.

The next game I’d like to introduce is from the Japanese video gaming gurus Nintendo and will be launched for the Wii gaming console. You’ve probably heard of the Nickelodeon TV Series Ninja Power Rangers, so this one is an adaptation and named Power Rangers Samurai. Again, the plot is the same.

The five teenage friends are struggling with all evil that came forth from the underground. In doing so, they will have to analyze the ancient symbols and familiarize with the elements water, fire, forest and earth. Certainly there is a lot of action and fighting involved. But nothing too bloody or gory, as of course this game was made for young children. The visuals are incredibly clear and colourful and the programmers attempted to hold things very simple and straight forward. Basically, the main objective of the video game is on the 5 friends and their actions.

We had a chance to check both video games and so we are sure both will end up as hot sellers. Good thing it is just a few more days till they are finally available for purchase. Also, it is worthwhile mentioning that both games are extremely reasonable priced, so at last you can enjoy an outstanding computer game again that does not cost a lot of money.

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