Car Charger in Opposition to a Residence Charger

Battery is one of the most important accessories of LG Enlighten. Most phones require a re-charge at least once a week or more depending on usage. Car charger proves to be an important asset as it can charge the battery while long driving or at such place where there is no availability of wall charger.

Accessories such as a case and a screen protector the car charger is more than a luxury. There is no need of waiting for the wall charging when there is a car charger present. The car itself becomes the place for charging the phone and that is with an ease. When there is a car charger then an user get rid of planning its charging time. One might otherwise have to stop using a phone in order to conserve power until the home charge is available.

The best advantage of the car charger is convenience; a second is to be able to stay in touch while traveling and recharging. It is a habit for many to plug their phones into a car charger, as the buckle seatbelts and start the engine.

This habit is a product of the way we use our smart phones, running many applications each of which drains power from the battery. In the daily routine the use of internet and multimedia and other activities have been made and the same is done at the time of such tours.

The time spent driving from place to place during the business day becomes essential for catching up on a number of things- like feeding our phones and ourselves. GPS navigation and online maps can be used with the LG Enlighten, and the GPS software can save much time and effort while delivering us to the destination of choice. GPS on some phones is a dramatic user of battery power. It is good to use the GPS system while driving as it can be recharged because of having the car charger. This is an ultimate kind of convenience and a sort of synergy in the method. It might so us little good to reach a destination and then fined we are unable to communicate with office, home, or partners.

For many it is not a matter of advantage of home over car charger, but a need for both has been clearly demonstrated. We can charge the phone overnight but on an intensive use day, we would need to charge again. This helps in three ways: getting the map of a place, travelling to the required place, and having a phone with full charge. It is an advantage to have both methods of charging, a relative disadvantage to have only the home charger. To have such a car charger in the pocket seems to be very progressive for the U.S. people.

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