Alesis Micron Analog Modeling Synth. What a Beautiful Piece of Equipment

The Alesis Micron is basically a smaller version of its Rack predecessor. For all the items that it’s lost during the trimming process, the Makers made up by adding a high versatile multitimbral mode plus a build it sequencer, and also a rhythm programmer.

The 1st obvious change to the equipment is the size. The instrument has been trimmed down to 58 by 20 by 7 cm which can make it ideal for those who don’t have a luxury of space in their work area. When it comes to managements, there’s the three-octave keyboard that feels like sponge when pressed. This makes playing it much less complicated to those who need to play a fast melody. There are also the 3 efficiency manages that can spin 360 degrees. These three buttons are labeled x,y, and z. Then we have the pitch bender that glows with a backlight. The understanding curve of the two horizontal sliders, which are labeld m1 and m2, will be quite difficult at first but they are also durable so they shouldn’t easily break during apply or actual use.

Other manages on the instrument includes the manage Knob which is the focal point of the instrument. close to it are other buttons that represent other settings which are editable. You can tell that you are in edit mode when button lights up red. How do enter into edit mode? basically press the control Knob at the center.

The usage of the Alesis Micron is focused on the creation of musical patterns. Of course, these patterns can also be recorded. The process is simple as it follows the usual pattern like any recording instrument. Press the record button, play the rhythm, and stop the recording. Of course, this pattern is done in this device’s terms. Recording of a particular rhythm is limited to four bars. Another good thing about Alesis Micron is that your recorded pattern and even the recorded patterns that came with the instrument can be edited, you can change a note, change the speed, or do pretty much something to fit your demands. Pitch bending is also another powerful point of the device.

When it comes to how much Alesis Micron can store, the space occupied by anything stored inside is measured in proportion. So in actuality, users can store hundreds, if not thousands, of programs, patterns, rhythms, and setups. This is similar to how you save files on a computer. How about file organization? The OS of the device had made it sure to be categorical so retrieval of files will be much less complicated, especially when files start to pile up inside. Looks can be deceiving for this device but a thorough experimentation and testing process will reveal that it’s just as good as any other device. This device is meant for those who don’t have a luxury of space and do not need to undergo a long editing process. If you are in need of a synthesizer and you are only commenceing your career, this may just be the device you can start out with until you move up to better models.

I have been a full-time DJ for over 5 years now. I am currently using 3 synthesizers. Nothing comes close to Alesis Micron for small projects and parties. I highly recommend it and it will make a great holiday present too. Visit my website @

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