The Smart Phones – an treasure for college students

The application which many find to be quite useful is also perhaps the most important, which is checking emails. Many professors have a strong opinion that having Internet handy helps them a lot to collect data, teach and collaborate in many new ways .

Another important application, which many of them find very useful is the task specific application Attendance Taking . Using this application, teachers get a chance of taking the attendance of the students in their smart phone . What’s more they can add pictures either given by the university or the ones they have taken themselves, storing information about them as well, helping them familiarize themselves with them. This application has proven to be quite helpful, because no longer is there any fear of the attendance sheet getting lost in the middle of the semester and creating immense confusion.

Saving and reading articles for future purpose through having some printouts is the old way of reading research articles. Today, there are many applications, which allow professors to send their articles of interest directly to their smart phone or tablet computer . They also have the advantage of having the syllabus stored there, and solving the questions asked there and then. One can have their own personal library on their smart phone through the applications Evernote and GoodReader, which allows the readers to take note and highlight the PDFs saved to the system .

The camera in the phone enables the user to take pictures of important notes before it is removed off the whiteboard. Most of the high-end boards also offer additional functions to print or email contents through smart phone cameras without any hassle. The smart phone camera can also come to use as a document scanner later converting it into a PDF file through the application PDF converter or JotNot Pro.

Samsung function accessories help in a number of ways : having the C01U- USB Studio Condenser Microphone, allows for it to be the academic advisor, expands the academic application for VoIP, does voice recognition like Dragon Naturally Speaking and also has screen capture software like Camtasia Studio. All of the stated applications help in making teaching, studying, and even recording academic materials simpler, especially with the aid of the audio recording of C01U. Motorola Droid 3 accessories and Samsung Conquer 4G Accessories, also help a great deal with applications for academics and teaching, using the camera and other smart phone features.

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