The Must Have Accessory for Every Mobile Device User

Screens this way are also called screen protectors out of which several types and styles are available on the market today but as we talk about the Motorola Droid Bionic device we will talk about the Mirror Screen Protector and the Privacy Screen Protector. The mirror screen protector is a specific layer applied on the screen of the cell phone to create a mirror-like effect which makes the phone look cooler for especially the younger generation or girls who can use the cell phone as a mirror as well, when the phone is not in use.

The main features of this screen protector are that the screen turns into a mirror when the mobile turned off and it has a very smooth and fine finish. Furthermore, it is coated with one more layer which is scratch resisting in nature, so that, it protects the screen from being scratched by the hands, finger, or sometimes when it slips from our hands, it is covered by a non-adhesive silicon backing. Cell phone can get too sticky because of all the sweat and if only a minimum quantity of dirt because of daily usage, which this layer will definitely stop from being felt. So this way the phone will not give you a sticky feeling anymore.

UV rays can be a lot more harmful for mobile phones than for humans and the screen protectors also do their best in order to keep the device free from most UV rays. So, it protects from UV rays up to 99%. Privacy Screen Protector, this is another type of screen protector that helps you in protecting the vital information on the screen of the phone. This screen protector makes your phone to be secure from all indiscrete approaches making data appear on the screen only viewable by you alone. Thanks to the Privacy Screen Protector your cell phone’s screen will not be viewable from several angles and also the protector makes the screen scratch resistant, 99% UV resistant and non-sticky thanks to its silicone layer.

These were all the differences between the Mirror Screen Protector and a Privacy Screen Protector but the major differences are three in general. Main differences are the smooth surface and mirror-like screen look when blank which is only characteristic of the Mirror Screen Protectors, however screen security is the main trademark of the Privacy Screen Protector.

The privacy feature is a feature with which the Mirror screen protector cannot combat, making the phone viewable only from a certain angle. This mobile phone works wonders with both types of screen protectors, especially if it comes with its basic accessories, which are not only necessary but also vital: a battery and a charger. Check out even more accessories, such as specific screen protectors, that can make the usage of your phone an even more outstanding experience.

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