How I Decided Upon the Straight Razor – My Journey from Electric to Old School

It seems probable in my experience that numerous men spend a certain part of their lives engaged in that most ridiculous of Western Man’s cultural rituals, shaving.
OK, some of us have to do it for one reason or another, whether it is to hold that job up until the time comes or to keep from having a scraggly, armpit-like growth on the face because we can’t grow a fantastic beard, or whatever. Perhaps you just want your face to feel like a baby’s butt.
We can all admit that shaving is a pain in the @$$. But let’s give the problem some thought. Short of electrolysis (preferably when young), you will discover only two basic strategies for depilation: the electric razor as well as the razor blade. Each has its advantages, fewer cuts with the electric razor versus a closer, smoother shave using the blade.
Yet each one has its disadvantages too. Electric razors give our money to the power companies and are rather expensive to purchase; not to mention they need maintenance (which frequently involves sending the blasted things back to the factory) from time to time. And what if you would like to go out into the woods, what then? That electric shaver is about as useful in the forest as a refrigerator. I do not know of any trees which come designed with outlets.
Let’s discuss the safety razor now. Any male that’s ever used one will confirm the undeniable fact that nothing could possibly be safe about it. The 1st shave with a new blade leaves your face looking as if it’s been gone over by sandpaper; and when the blade gets dull, the last shave is just about as bad as the first with the only difference being that it hurts more. And what should you do then? You suck it up, replace the blade, and put that old one back together with the other rejects.
How many tons of steel are consumed every year like this, never to be seen again? Maybe you are of the environmentally concsious type and recycle your blades? If you are, good for you! Average folks simply consume a ton of metal and plastic whenever we shave. Razor blade manufacturers are utilizing platinum now and claiming 10 or 15 shaves per blade, the identical number claimed when chrome steel blades were introduced oh so long ago. They call this an improvement? My romance with the safety razor was on a timer….
Well, many moons ago, while picking a safety razor from the gouge in my cheek, I decided that there must surely be a better way. I had previously been down the electric route and found it left much to be desired; as an illustration, a good shave.
The following afternoon, while trucking around town, I dropped into a junk shop. Lo and behold, there, in a display case, was something I hadn’t seen outside a barber shop in a long time, a straight razor. The razor was in fine condition, and so I got it and took it home. After an about a week of experiments (during which I cut myself, I think, six times) I managed to get used to the thing with a bit of help from a pal who had used a straight razor before.
Subsequently, the results have gotten better all the time. I am not baby faced, but I can sure seem like it, and you know what: the shave lasts the whole day rather than a couple of hours. To this day, I continue to enjoy shaving with a straight razor.

Shaving with a straight razor is truly one of life’s small pleasures. Yet, it is not for the inexperienced or the uncommitted. You will need commitment and practice to master properly. But once learned, you’ll start to relish shaving your face instead of dreading it. To learn more about how to shave using a straight razor or if your interested in where to find a information on straight razor sharpening visit

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