The Eames Lounge Chair – Chic-ness Vs. Comfort

Husband and wife creators Charles and Ray Eames, formerly designed this modern and sophisticated item of lounge set in 1956 as a present for their very good great friend and movie director Billy Wilder (‘some like it hot’, Sunset Blvd’). Ever since its release, the Eames lounge chair has evolved into one of the most classy and furniture pieces of all time.

There aren’t many who wouldn’t know this particular sleek armchair, as it has emerged on screen numerous times in sitcoms such as, ‘Friends’ – as Joey and Chandlers’ centre item armchairs, repeatedly referred to within the TV show as being way too comfortable to stand up off and one of which is even given a name (‘Rosita’). The Eames lounge chair has also appeared on ‘Frasier’, ‘House’, ITV’s design show ’60 minute makeover’ and films including, ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Mad Men’.

Co-designer Charles, one time claimed he desired the lounge chair to ‘resemble the warmth, familiarity and level of comfort of a well worn baseball mitt’ though his wife Ray, desired the lounge chair to have a ‘comfortable and un-designy look’. You’re able to see through the chair’s visual appearance that this is just what the completed design portrays. Its bucket seating model and elevated backwards leaning position instantly connotes deluxe and resembles the baseball glove shape, together with the sleek black Italian leather material seating and veneer grain finish resembling both the material and colour of a baseball glove and oozing with comfort.

this particular Eames inspired lounge chair additionally arrives complete with matching ottoman, that’s small enough not to clutter any sort of living room, dining or workplace area, but big enough for people of any length, to sit back and enjoy supreme comfort and relaxation. The chair’s natural colour collection including black, brown and white leather and different tones wood grain, enables the item to blend well with any kind of colour scheme or design. What really make the Eames lounge chair so special and unusual, is its ability to present a high amount of both style and comfort, as proven in the number of different big screen appearances.

Much like most classical pieces of household furniture the Eames lounge chair would be an investment for any buyer, through it’s ability to retain its style and luxurious comfort for years on end. Both chair and ottoman are hand assembled and crafted with extraordinary attention to detail. The lounge chair’s cushions are also individually upholstered and replaceable and the back cushions also are interchangeable, enabling people who aren’t into the ‘leather look’ to change the seating to any material or colour of their choice. Continuing to tick all the boxes, the Eames lounge chair is also environmentally friendly, as more recently manufactured modules are created with a richly grained veneer known as ‘Santos Palisander’, as opposed to the original endangered Brazilian Rosewood.

Furthering the Eames collection’s celebrity status, the New York Museum of Modern Art have installed the lounge chair collection in their permanent collection presenting the Eames furniture set as, ‘the most iconic of all contemporary chair sets’. The set can also be seen on a permanent display at the Art institute of Chicago. It is clear that purchasing the Eames Inspired Collection is like obtaining a piece of history, a talking piece for any house hold or office and most importantly of all, a piece of furniture offering magnificent style and laid back comfort. A must have for all those seeking luxury style, comfort and relaxation!

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