Gum Disease and Coronary Issues… will it affect you?

Gingivitis is an oral condition that causes inflammation and swelling around the gums. It is caused by the lactic acid produced by bacteria that live on the tooth or below the gums. Gingivitis also manifests as foul breath and discolored gums. Researcher studies have shown that there is a correlation between periodontal disease and heart conditions.

How did I get Gingivitis?

Poor oral care is a major contributor to periodontal disease. Studies indicate that at least 49% of adults suffers from gingivitis. Additionally, at least 73% of all people do not replace their toothbrush regularly, while 45% of all patients do not floss enough. Studies also indicate that at least 14% of the population do not brush regularly.

Gingivitis and Gum Infection

Gingivitis is caused by an infection of the gums. If not attended to early, the bacteria form gaps between your teeth and gums. The gaps created, also known as “Sulcus”, becomes the ideal home for dangero?s pathogens. If not treated immediately, this problem can turn into a serious gum disease which may cause bone loss, recessing gums and possibly tooth loss. Bleeding gums and pus oozing between your teeth are telltale signs that you have gum disease.

If you feel that you have gum disease, it is recommended that you visit a dental surgeon who has extensive experience treating periodontal disease. To manage the condition effectively, regular evaluations for oral infections are mandatory. Ultimately, treatment and professional maintenance should commence promptly to help treat this condition.

Reports have also revealed that bacteria found in plaque are a major cause of blood clots. These clots can cause a heart attack or a stroke. Experiments involving rabbits have indicated that bacteria thriving in plaque can cause clots to occur in the blood stream. Swelling caused by gingivitis can lead to plaque buildup in the arteries, increasing the persons risk of a heart attack.

Periodontal disease is transferable between family members. The bacteria that can result in periodontal disease resides in your saliva and can be easily transferred from dad to child or between husband and wife. It is prudent to screen all family member for gum disease to eradicate the possibility of reinfection in the family and reduce the risk of contracting heart disease.

Gingivitis and Endocarditis

Bacteria found in plaque can lead to endocarditis, a fatal condition that causes inflammation of the sac that surrounds the heart. The bacteria may also result in lung infections and a weakened immune system.

Avoid Periodontal Disease Through Adequate Oral Care

To avoid the problems caused by gingivitis, brush regularly and floss every day.

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