3 Tips On How To Sponsor More Reps For Your Network Marketing Business

My article today is about ways to sponsor more reps into your existing business. I’m not talking about sponsoring 1 or 2 people per month, I’m talking about huge breakthrough. I’m talking about sponsoring 10,15 or even 20 people per WEEK. We hear success stories all the time so, it is possible. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon either, you just have to utilize the power of the internet. Here are some tips on how to sponsor more reps.

I understand what you’re going through. You see and read about all these people generating tons of leads daily and making thousands of dollars monthly and the only thing you can think is, “What’s the secret formula!? What do they know that I don’t!? What do they do that I don’t!?” Since I didn’t know the answers I thought of the next best thing – seek out successful people and mimic exactly what they do. This is what I learned from them on how to sponsor more reps.

Sponsor More Reps – tip #1

Use social sites. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums and video sharing sites are all excellent sources to sponsor more reps from. So, get started creating a website (aka blog), let them know who you are and provide valuable content on it. Each day write something of value on it for others to read and show them you know what you are talking about. Your content should be related to your profession/business. Some examples would be to write about: other companies (like company reviews), other leaders, products, trainings or give out some helpful tips (like this article). Then take that content and promote it to rank on Google to help sponsor more reps into your opportunity.

Sponsor More Reps – tip #2

Make a connection. It’s important to introduce yourself to others and begin developing relationships. Once a relationship is established people are more comfortable with you. If they’re more comfortable with you then they’ll be more open to your ideas. Personalize your conversations with the people you are talking to. People are more interested in what is going on in their own lives, than anything in yours. Make the conversation about them and let them speak while you just listen. Don’t stress on what to say, just be enthusiastic and confident. Don’t be nervous with prospecting online. You’ll get better with time and soon you’ll see the results when you begin to sponsor more reps into your business.

Sponsor More Reps – tip #3

Seal the deal. Before you can close the deal you must understand that people, for the most part, do not join an opportunity for its product, they primarily join because of other people. People join people, not businesses. For the most part if you just ask the question “If they would like to join the business” instead of dancing around it until the prospect becomes disinterested is a pretty good way of finding out where they stand. This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many prospects are willing to sign up once they’ve been asked directly. With this said, display leadership and confidence in your closing. Give them a good reason why they should join you and not the next guy. Also, you must have a process or system in place that you give your new prospects in order to help them build up their own business. This can be in form of training, presentations or a system that’ll do it for you. Keep in mind you want like-minded people. People with drive, motivation and goals. People who will be able to help sponsor more reps in the business too.

Sponsor More Reps – conclusion

The ability to recruit, enroll and sponsor more reps can be tricky at first but once you master the steps you’ll truly see a difference. Sponsoring more reps simply means to generate more leads. Know how to present, how to close and how to get your new prospect up and running and building their own business. If you can do that then you will sponsor more reps with ease. Creating network marketing success starts by getting more reps. Don’t give up and be persistent. Good luck to you.

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