The Carcinogens- the Wonderful Danger of the Health and Fitness by the Tobacco Cigarettes

Among the crucial bad habits on the earth, cigarette smoke is the best. It contains a number of carcinogenic, or in simpler words, the cancer causing agents. Not only the smoker himself can be affected by this habit, but the nearby people can also be suffer the problem of lungs. So, try not to smoke if you are with your family having children. Researchers have done vast researches on cigarette and cigarette smoke. And as result, we found that cigarettes are richen with several fatal elements.

Lets have an idea about them. The deadly carcinogenic elements found in tobacco cigarettes include the; Cyanide, Arsenic, Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane-DDT, Formaldehyde, Carbon monoxide Besides these, the cigarette smoke also contain the carbon. All of these substances are very fatal for human consumption and should not be inhaled. The carbon present in the cigarette smoke keeps depositing in the lungs and ultimately causes smoker cough, which further leads to other complications. The Ecigarettes may help one fight against the cravings to reduce the demand of nicotine by their body.

Therefore, one should avoid excessive smoking. The deadly carcinogenic substances found in tobacco cigarettes destroys the body from within and leaves you nothing but a hollow body, which becomes so weak that it cannot even protect itself. The most poisonous element is the cyanide that is present in the cigarette in a considerable number. And if we think about the arsenic, it will be enough to say that it is used in preparing the rodenticide. This is not the matter with electronic cigarettes, as they contain E-Juice containing nicotine which expels out with the help of the E-cigarette atomizers.

The DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) is also a considerable member of the carcinogens. In USA and other developed countries; it is banned for its poisonous effect. It can cause cancer to any essential parts of our body. And so, the important parts like the lungs can be greatly damaged by it. According to the research of some reasonable agencies, although DDT is banned in some parts of the world, still it would take about 10 years for the birds and fish to come out of the side effects of this deadly pesticide. So, one can imagine the damage that the compound can do to the body.

The last chemical mentioned above is the formaldehyde. It is commonly used to preserve the dead tissues of the body in labs on experimental basis. It is a very strong poison. And so, it should not be touched. Then think how bad the condition of the lungs will become. DDT is the same chemical responsible for the collapse of the alveoli. Thus, in order to avoid the deadly carcinogens found in cigarette, one must avoid cigarette smoke.

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