Livinity Review-How Much Is Your Marketing Budget?

Welcome to my Livinity review. I’m sure you landed here due to some in depth research because you’re going to join the company…or perhaps you already joined. Either way I’m sure you’re just looking for information, history and facts about this company so you know they are legit and not one of those scams you often hear about. Rest assured my review can provide what you need, an unbiased third party opinion of the organization.

First off, Livinity is a real company. They are not a fly-by-night organization seeking to scam you out of your hard-earned cash. They get some great reviews online and, just like anything, have a few negative ones too but nothing that would make you believe they are an illegitimate outfit or anything like that. With that said, I’ll leave you to the rest of the article to make a decision for yourself.

If you are really seriously about getting involved with Livinity hopefully my article can give you some of the facts you seek. I’ll cover essentials like company itself, their products, their compensation plan and whether this can be a good business move for you.

What’s Livinity anyway and what do they offer?

The Livinity company is in direct sales and operates with the use of your average network marketing business model. People can either join as customers and simply use the product(s) or they can join as distributors who resell the product(s). If you join as a distributor you obviously get compensated for it. Like most other network marketing business opportunities, you can build sales organizations and also earn recurring residual income on a monthly basis.

This company sells health products. They pride themselves on their design which is to promote relaxation and optimal living for all. Their product line includes such items like lotions, blood circulation supplements, energy supplements, anti stress drinks, and fuel enhancers. The products they offer are fairly unique.

Can you really make money?

For exact compensation structure information please visit but here’s the short version. There’s an annual fee of $25 associated with the membership. Their most basic package will cost you $49 and allows you distributorship. Just above this level is the Career Builder package that costs $399. The highest level you can enroll at is the TRU BLUE Career Builder level which costs $699. This level makes you eligible for maximum compensation.


Livinity is in the health and wellness business and sell products similar to many, many other companies. Why does this matter? It matters because Livinity is now forced to separate themselves and their products from all the other companies in this same field. They’ll have a difficult time in the marketplace trying to distinguish themselves. The new question is – how will they prove they’re unique and stand out in this competitive market? Think about this prior to becoming a distributor.

I’m not trying to make you second guess Livinity or this industry. They are a viable company and network marketing DOES work. Nevertheless, this company’s recruiting method, like all the others, is to pitch to your warm market. Which we all know you tell all the people you know about your opportunity in hopes someone will join. Since this method is not very effective most people get frustrated and quit on their dreams of financial freedom.

You’re success completely and utterly depends on yourself. It depends on your ability to brand yourself and generate leads. You’ll need a consistent flow of targeted leads to get you anywhere. For the most part distributors can rarely build a decent income and it’s partly due to a lack of a decent system.

Recently a system to help us network marketers has been developed. It’s a simple plug-and-play system used to make 100% commission. Commissions that are deposited directly into your own bank account! Do you believe that would help you build your Livinity
business? Most marketers end up quitting their business because lack of a marketing budget. It’s nice to envision all the sign ups and customers you will have into your business but the reality is, it can take some time to build a sustainable business in any niche. Large 100% commissions with a residual income deposited into your account could really help your Livinity business’s marketing budget. Hope you enjoyed my Livinity Review

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