Livinity Review- 3rd Party Review Of Livinity Opprotunity

First off, thanks for checking out this Livintiy review on home based business opportunities. My opinion is strictly unbiased. I am not affiliated with this company so, my article will just provide facts on the organization as a whole. At the bottom of the review you’ll have a chance to learn about the same formula I’ve been using to attract prospects in my direction without exploiting family & friends.

Livinity Review – the company

This Kansas-based business sells a vast array of relaxation products, skincare products and spa lotions. It promotes better living through inclusion of healthy ingredients. Their most known for the commodities that are aimed at fostering dietary health through supplements. The company began with customers becoming distributor but about 12 years back they entered the network marketing industry hoping to reach more people. They in fact did and began providing earning opportunities for its loyal patrons and consumers. Livinity gives all members the equipment and skills needed to sell their products in the network marketing world. It facilitates training courses so members can understand and become more knowledgeble about how the system works.

Livinity Review – the product

The most popular product of Livinity is the Cold and Flu Prevention Pack. This product raises maximum levels of immune and energy in the body. It’s an outstanding regimen for people of any age. Livinity’s drink, BlueRezl, is an energy drink with a blend of blueberry extract, resveratrol, acai, herbs, and pomegranate. It’s described as a “health shot” and is available in most markets. Ingredients are known to provide our human body with powerful antioxidant to promote cardiovascular health, boost the immune system, support good vision, protect the nervous system and promote balanced blood sugar levels. My Livinity review also found they offer a vitamin supplement, Blue Essentials, that’s packed with essential nutrients that are basic components of necessary biochemical reactions in the body. Daily supplementation is claimed to provide maximum nourishment to cells, fight degenerative ailments, boost the immune system and improve energy production.

Livinity Review – the compensation plan

This company’s comp plan is similar to most. You can earn income but will he required to sell products and also sponsor new distributors to join. There are several levels to join into: for the maximum compensation you will have to enroll at the Tru Blue Career Builder level which costs $699, next is the Career Builder package at $399 and the basic package at $49. All levels make you eligible for distributorship. In addition, there’s a $25 annual fee associated with the membership. Visit for the complete breakdown.

Livinity Review – the conclusion

The company is legit and quite strong. Join Livinity to discover an exciting home based business that offers profitable plans. Every person is able to make money and achieve their goals. Take charge of your life and your finances for the future. Whether or not you decide to join this company know that network marketing is a great way to start your own business and take advantage of unlimited earning potential. Of course, you’ll need to know the formula for success with MLM. Part of the equation includes branding yourself, generating leads, knowing how to target more than just your warm market and becoming knowledgible about how the online industry works. It took me about 3 years to finally figure it all out. Don’t waste that kind of time, find out what I did and what not to do.

I wrote this Livinity Review
to help you understand how to create an Online Presence and Leverage the Internet to generate endless leads while making money even if a person doesn’t join your Livinity business. Statistics show 97% of network marketers are failing and sadly most Livinity reps will be in this category because they lack the skills to generate enough leads. CLICK On the Link to work with Esteban Ferreira and receive your Livinity MLM Sales Training

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