Important Gaming Features of your Cellular Phone

There are a lot of game apps available in the market compatible with the LG Marquee. Both free and paid apps can be downloaded online gaming pleasure. But with plenty games out there, it’s impossible to fit them all in your phone’s memory. To address that problem, we are giving you a rundown of the best rated and must-have gaming apps for your LG Marquee.

Angry Birds is the first game on our list. Actually, you rarely see a tech list of popular games that don’t start with this one. This game is no doubt the hottest and most on trend mobile compatible game with more than 140 million downloads around the world. If you are into physics, and then you will like this game from Rovio. You use a slingshot to shoot birds at different structures, aiming to destroy evil green pigs. With over 200 levels, you will surely enjoy this challenge. You should also try the two recently released special editions, Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Rio.

Second gaming app on the list is Alchemy. It is a free app so you don’t have to pay a single cent to play it. It might not be as flashy or graphic-oriented as the other games but considering that it is free and will keep you entertained, this app is well worth the download. You begin with four elements: earth, air, water and fire. You combine these elements to create new substances, thus the name Alchemy. Mix and match the elements and components you created to make even more until you complete all 270 multifaceted substances, items and creatures. If you are the person who wants to create and discover new things, this app is definitely one to have.

RPG fanatics should not think twice about downloading Battleheart. This action packed game allows you to battle, level-up, upgrade, create and change teams. It just takes simple dragging and tapping to play since this device is a touch screen phone. This game requires excellent battling and strategizing skills through out the 30-level story line for the ultimate mobile RPG experience. Another game to get hooked on is Paper Toss. We all have played this game at certain points in our lives so we all know how this works. The only difference is now we play it on our mobile phones. Your goal is to throw a piece of paper on to your trash can target. Every time you shoot the paper into the trash bin, a point is awarded. Your task is made easier by an arrow guide that shows wind direction and speed.

The final app on out list is a puzzle game named Cut the Rope. Similar to Angry Birds, you need a little know how on physics to play this game. You cut ropes and pop bubbles to feed a cute little green creature named Om Nom candies. To add to the challenge, you also collect stars in every level by letting the candy hit them on the way to Om Nom’s mouth. The cute graphics and the great challenge this game brings make it highly addictive.

This list only contains LG Marquee’s most downloaded and highly ranked game apps. There are even more fun and addictive games out there and you can download them too if you want. Your LG Marquee has a lot to offer when it comes to applications, games and features and you can even add to these features by using LG Marquee accessories. Protect your smart phone with a LG Marquee case and LG Marquee screen protector so that you can enjoy playing game apps on your mobile phone for a long time.


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