Dolce & Gabbana Clothing Collection with the Following Seasons

Dolce & Gabbana has launched it is collection for fall / winter 2011/ 2012. What I want to say is likely interesting and they are outside of my expectation. Probably, some people consider that this collection is unoriginal and derivative. Everything from this collection appeared for the first time. And it does create something popular with surprise people. And the consumers are always excited about their clothing. But this new collection may be the combination of materials we’ve already known. The sheath dresses are usually decorated with lace, animal print such while leopard, python and zebra. The biggest feature in this collection is that manufacturers combine feminine style as well as masculine style into a single, which makes it completely different from other collection. There are two reasons: on the one side, this ceremony can enhance the reputation of stars by themselves and win them a more popularity among ordinary individuals; on the other side, it’s the right time for stars to indicate their uniqueness and glamour to their fans and also to make friends along with other stars. On this ceremony there are twenty beautiful stars, while the real best one has not come. Today I invite you to look close at this particular Screen Actors Guild Honors. You can have a short look at who turned up when it reaches this ceremony and what garments she worn. As for the winners of this Award, you are endowed while using right to judge.
Natalie Portman.
I think some people won’t love this style.

In terms of its design, the collection is attractive. Some look sexy, some are stylish and several are really elegant. Then let’s talk about the prints and patterns. The stars and treble clefs is available everywhere in these pieces which range from garments, bags, necklaces and shoes. However, it seems that the actual Dolce & Gabbana overloads the prints. It is brave enough to break the fashion rules.

As to the creations for men within the collection for fall / winter 2011 / 2012, they are not because stylish as women’s. They are not impressive i think. Most of items appear baggy and shapeless especially at waist and trendy parts. The cropped knee-length slacks and star patterns look a bit ridiculous.

I addition, the oxfords are incredibly great and they also can make fashion statement independent.

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