The Best Gaming Apps and Functionality of the Motorola Atrix 2 Mobile Phone

The smart phone market is now under very huge competition. The companies are working very hard to offer the users very unique and attractive features to satisfy them. The great capability of the hardware and the unique functionality of the Motorola TX makes it suitable for the gaming apps.

The Motorola TX properties are it has a dual-core processor of 1GHz Cortex-A9 ARM of chipset Tegra 2 with the GeForce GPU of integrated ULP. The applications run on Android operating system and come with 1 GB RAM installed. The phone has a slim body with light weight. It measures 117.8x 63.5 x 10.1 mm this makes it convenient for portability. You won’t feel a heavy load on your pocket while walking on the streets since the weight of 135g is almost weightless in your pocket. The slim body of the phone is very attractive which makes it very popular to users of the smart phones. The screens used in the smart phones are usually the touch screens and for most of the users, these are not comfortable to use. The developers of this phone have made the screen protector their first priority which means that this device has everything needed to protect your phone. That is why it is recommended to use a screen protector.

The smart phone is available in the market with some pre-installed applications that are supported by the android operating system. The user can add applications of his preference easily and directly from the android market. The android operating system is the cutting edge technology; it allows the Smartphone to run applications smoothly. The users can also multi task applications more frequently and still save battery power.

If you are a fun of games then this device has what you need. The smart phone comes pre- loaded with a game that will definitely test its operating system and speed. For example we can tell the name of need for speed game which very hard to be played in the other phones swiftly instead of this mobile phone. The user can setup street races, weave in and out of traffic without efficiently without the operating system dragging. So, make the proper use of the phone to enjoy all type of game from the online anytime you want.

The accessories are designed to protect and add style to your mobile device. You can also use the phone for your business purpose in your busy time. The quick office 3.0 application allows the user to create, edit and manage office documents like excel, PowerPoint and word on the go. The vehicle docking station is another accessory that will be convenient to you; this application allows you to mount the Smartphone anywhere on your car for easy access while driving.

Everything about this Smartphone is just nice, even the cases are designed to give the phone a sleek appearance apart from protection. The case shells the screen and phone from getting scratches and even if it falls down or if you bump into something there are minimal chances of the phone being scratched. In conclusion, this device is a must have. The highly organized apps for the android system are easily obtainable usable through this phone that makes it one of the best preferences by the users of smart phones.

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