Struggling? Need Some Cheap MLM Leads

When it comes to generating cheap MLM leads there are two ways to do this: online and offline. Both methods work and yield results. People tend to favor online methods because it’s a more convenient way to reach the masses. In this article I’ll go into both methods and explain how you can obtain cheap MLM leads.

Cheap MLM Leads – OFFLINE

You can get cheap MLM leads by using something as simple as a post-it note. No joke, with a post-it and a catchy headline you can get a couple of people to actually call you. One fellow network marker gets his post-it, writes his headline, adds his phone number then places them in high traffic areas like gas stations, ATM machines, Redbox kiosks, newspapers dispensers, etc. Just think of places where there’s a lot of foot traffic and you’re sure to get some results.

Another offline method to generating cheap MLM leads is by having a contest. Set-up shop in a popular mall and have a raffle/contests. Obviously you gotta have a grand prize to give away so, make sure it’s something decent and something you can afford to give away. The contest allows you to get people’s names and phone numbers. After the winner is drawn you’re left with a shoe box filled with names & numbers (aka potential prospects). When you get home that night you begin to call the non-winners (losers sounds too harsh). Let them know they didn’t win BUT they don’t have to walk away empty handed. Offer them a free newsletter or ebook on how to make additional income by using the internet.

Lastly, there’s the all too familiar “in-home presentations”. This approach always seems to be the hardest one for people. I believe it’s the whole public speaking thing. I get it – I was hesitant too but there comes a point when you try anything and everything to make your business work. So, don’t rule this one out because it actually works for some. Basically contact all your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, neighbors, mailman, anyone you know on Facebook, etc (get the picture). Invite them all to your house, serve some hor d’oeuvres, get a little dressed up and give a rehearsed speech (about 1 hr long) about your business opportunity to those who showed up. Talk about cheap MLM leads, right? Good luck.

Cheap MLM Leads – ONLINE
The easiest way is to buy leads, notice I didn’t say the best way. They’re certainly inexpensive but the problem with these leads is that they often come from research companies that send out generic questionnaires to households across the country, I’m sure you have received one yourself. They are very general and broad and rarely produce qualified leads. These companies then make their own educated guess on what others might be interested in and then turn around and sell them as “targeted” leads. Seems a bit misleading but in all fairness they are “targeted”…just not to your business.

A huge problem with these purchased/cheap MLM leads are the cold-call phones calls you must make. You’re random list is devised of people all over the country and who don’t know you or don’t know anything about your opportunity. So, you can imagine the confusion, and anger, when you interrupt them at dinner time to push your business. The most common response will be something to this effect, “Who the heck are you?!” They’re blindsided. Since there’s been no relationship formed between you and them they feel you’re untrustworthy. They won’t listen to what you have to say. The whole point of prospecting is to build relationships and trust. This is accomplished by offering value, providing solutions they are looking for and by general interaction.

You’ll be more successful generating your own targeted, cheap MLM leads by utilizing the power of the internet. If you learn the proper strategies and are willing to work at it then you can generate leads daily that directly targeted to your business. Also, they’ll be YOUR leads. They’ll be people that have sought you out and desire the same thing as you. As stated above, this will allow you the chance to build those relationships. Below are some steps that will get you started in the right direction and once these things are established you can begin generating cheap mlm leads and driving traffic to your website.

1. Create a blog. Let people see who you are, let them read all about you and really get to know you as a person. This blog is meant to showcase YOU and not your business.

2. Add quality content. Write articles (like this one) and post for all to see. Provide value and high quality content that people can learn from. Give away a few secrets and tips to demonstrate the knowledge you have.

3. Position yourself as a leader. People naturally gravitate and follow alpha’s. Be an alpha. Exude confidence. Be consistent and Never Ever GIVE UP!

4. Learn. Learn all you can about the online network marketing world. Read about the industry moguls and mimic them. Educate yourself in all aspects. Be dedicated and devote time to this. If you’re not serious there’s no point in moving forward.


Overall, this stuff is pretty simple and getting inexpensive leads is fairly easy to acquire, the hardest part is staying consistent. There is a fortune to be made by using cheap MLM leads. Most people start off with the offline tactics and realize that maintaining a steady flow of cheap MLM leads can be quite a task. That’s why I recommend using an Attraction Marketing System combined with Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring Techniques to to leverage the internet and advertise to highly qualified people who are actually are interested in what you have to say. What a concept, Right? Three things must be in place to succeed in your MLM biz online:

1.Brand yourself before your company. Everyone is pitching their company and you need to stand out from the crowd to be recognized.

2.An Attraction Marketing System to help you set up a sales funnel to direct your leads the process of introducing yourself, creating a relationship and then lastly monetizing your list.

3.This is crucial, You must be part of community that will train you and give you the tools to achieve your marketing goals.

With me and the system I use there is step by step training and weekly webinars with top earners in the industry willing to answer any questions. You will also have access to exclusive training to FREE and paid methods of generating leads for your online business.

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