Fastest Way to Unlock Your iPhone4

Unlocking iPhone for other carriers is generally a great trouble. Now the good thing is that the entire unlocking process has become so easy that a new can easily do it in 5 minutes.

Yes, now you can free your apple iPhone4 from the charge of the mobile carrier in just five minutes. I’m unpacking the entire process in the following paragraphs.

To unlock iPhone 4, you should utilize a tiny but brilliant program UltraSnow by iPhone Dev Team. To get started with the entire process of your iPhone unlocking, you need to jailbreak it first. Jailbreaking can also be not so complicated and you can work with a browser based application JailbreakMe to complete jailbreak process for you personally. This application runs entirely from your iPad or iPhone. You just need to point your iPhone browser at and then slid your fingers over the panel where unlock button is displayed. Just press it along with your iPhone is jailbreak. The whole process will take only less than 3 minutes and the best thing is that you don’t must reboot your device.

So once the jailbreak process completed, you need to use an iPhone application Cydia to your phone. Add Cydia (the jailbreak version with the App Store) icon to home screen of your iPhone and they you can easily start making use of any of jailbreak applications that officially Apple does not allow in the AppStore. These applications are including MyWi wireless app that tricks the unit into thinking that there is a Wi-Fi network connected to it. Another great application for advanced customization of GUI can be also accessible via Winterboard. So go ahead for placing Cydia Icon to your home screen.

The first JailbreakMe version causes issues with FaceTime and MMS on a number of iPhone models nevertheless the latest version fixed the problem, so don’t worry to make use of it. Use Cydia to utilize any upgrade from Changes button/tab.

Next thing is downloading the UltraSnow application from Cydia and set it up for your iPhone. Since the download is completed, you’re free to use any SIM card from any other carrier. Enjoy, it’s that easy!

I hope the complete process really is easy as explained. Please be aware if the iPhone is activated by various other carrier, you have to change your phone APN settings to have coupled to the new carrier. Use Custom APN substitute for select your carrier. Press ‘Create Profile’ button in your screen to make a new configuration profile that you could easily set it up for your iPhone and obtain data from the new carrier.

If still you are unable to unlock your iPhone, just contact together with your mobile carrier to unlock it for you personally. Your carrier may ask to pay for some price for this, and it’ll take some time to process it. So whatever option you use, unlocking iPhone is a now doable thing. Hence choose the whole process and enjoy the flexibility of utilizing iPhone on any carrier.

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