Empower Network-100% Commissions Don’t Really Exist!

Empower Network, Empower Network, Empower Network – it’s all over the internet! What is it? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a “plug & play” system that helps you start creating Google-ranked content on the first day. It’s a beginner’s dream and their answer to viral blogging. To the advanced internet marketer it’s the key main ingredient to a blogging system that plugs in new reps. On top of that, it has all the benefits of a built in marketing system. They’ve already taken care of the technical set-up too which means no more struggling with themes or plugins. The best thing to this is you don’t do the selling. David Wood and David Sharpe have taken care of all this with an awesome sales videos by Wood along side an unprecedented ad copy by Sharpe.

What is it, again?

Just to clarify, Empower Network is NOT a business opportunity or an MLM or even a network marketing business. It’s straight up and affiliate product with 1-tier commissions. EN is a problem solver. For instance, a huge problem when getting started in the online marketing industry is technically it’s difficult for most and because of this it takes months to get up & going. Empower Network has everything set up for you. Another problem people face is cash flow to market their business, outsource areas of the business, hire coaches, pay for tools, etc. Solution, you get 100% commission. Another area of difficulty is the “salesmen” aspect. People generally don’t know how to close, upsell or retain customers. It’s no problem for EN because it does all that for you by getting people to go through a funnel and a policy that states you are only paid on the products you own.

Product Options

There are 3 products and you can’t own the bigger one without first owning the lesser one. Here are the options:

# 1 – Blog Platform. Every member gets a blog and the blog is set up for you and is designed to sell the products in this program. The only thing you’re required to do is blog everyday (submit one post every day). The benefit to doing it daily is that it’ll eventually rank as an authority site and when people come across your content they’ll click on them. and then taken over to your affiliate link for the opt-in and sale. You’ll pay $25 a month to keep it, anytime someone you refer wants to also have it, you will receive 100% of the commission, which is $25 per month.

# 2 – Inner Circle Access and Training. This is an add on to your already existing $25 pr month blog platform. This gives access to the latest and up to date training so you get the best out of your blogging platform. Once you post content, you can optimize it then drive huge amounts of traffic to it quickly and begin collecting those 100% commissions. Option 2 includes weekly webinars and advanced marketing training. Plus, when someone you refer wants it you’ll get 100% of the commission ($100 per month). If you just own options 1 and 2, and not 3 then when someone buys it through your link you won’t get paid instead the person above you who own option 3 (aka the Costa Rica Intensive) gets the 100% commission of $500. This monthly cost is $125 ($25 + $100).

# 3 – Costa Rica Intensive, the ultimate package. If you want to begin right away then this is the option for you. You’ll get unlimited access to the private mastermind training by David Wood on how to make money online. Option 3 costs $625 but includes everything in option 1 and 2. You pay the $500 one-time and then have your $25 and $100 recurring each month.

First things First

Once a member you’re first order of duty is to establish a merchant account through First Data Linkpoint. Normally there’s a qualifying process but Wood and Sharp have special arrangements with First Data to provide you with extremely low processing fees ($25 monthly if approved based on their terms and conditions). If you’ve had a bankruptcy or foreclosure or write offs from past merchant accounts, you will still be approved. Approval process typically takes about a day. All instructions to setting up your payment processor to accept payments and link it to your bank account are in the back office of Empower Network.


If you’ve been trying to make it online, you’ve surely run into the problem of cash flow. This is one of the problems Empower Network addresses and there are 2 scenarios:

Money vs Time – the home business owner with no money but lots of time. They can and do sit for hours in front of their computer figuring out all the free stuff. But, ultimately they get frustrated because it takes way too long to see results and they end up quitting.

Money vs Skill – the person who has enough money for a solid marketing budget but lacks skills in all areas of communication, closing and leadership. These people often run out of money quickly or see the whole thing as a loss because there’s been no income coming in to replace what they’re putting out. And, they end up quitting.

Finally, Wood and Sharp came up with a solution to stop all the quitting. They actually want people to stay with it and continue to build their businesses. With Empower Network as part of your business model, you will have the cash you need to pay for technical assistance, outsource, marketing, seminars, etc. and still have money to pay your bills, take vacations, save for college, whatever you want. Empower Network gives back 100% commissions so you can move forward and get ahead in your business.

For more information on the Empower Network
, put your email address on the next page and watch David Wood and David Sharpe video about what it means to become a member of the Empower Network. With a little bit of article marketing tools
provided by the Empower Network you will be well on your way to 100% commissions. Click either link to visit one of my blogs and learn more about 100% commissions being deposited directly into your bank account.

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