Tips On How To Beat The Urge To Smoke

Once you decide to stop smoking the most difficult part is usually to resist the urges. It doesn’t matter that all craving lasts only 3-5 units. It’s still the whole 5 minutes to battle with your willpower! These 7 tips will assist you to resist the urge for you to smoke one urge each time.

Whenever you knowledge a craving remind on your own why you quit. It’s the excellent idea to consider a blank index greeting card and list all reasons why you decided to give up smoking cigarettes. List as many as you can, the more the greater. If necessary, take the second index card. Carry them with you continuously. Every time you feel the urge to smoke acquire the index card and slowly read all your reasons why you made a decision to stop. After you finish looking at your urge will go! (If not, read them one more time or put together more reasons.)

Make it a behavior to reward yourself at the end of each nonsmoking 1 week. Think of something you choose (it doesn’t have to be something expensive, a nice home made meal or hot bath works). Take the index card and take note of what would you give yourself right at the end of the week. When the urge comes take a look at the index card with your reward. Isn’t it worth coping for 3 minutes?:)

Get prepared for your urge to smoke in advance. In most cases something triggers the craving (selected feelings, people, or places). You have to really know what triggers the urge.

Lets do an actually quick exercise. Take a blank bit of paper and divide the item into 2 columns. On the one facet list your triggers (similar to “stuck in traffic”, “drinking morning coffee”, “arguing with colleague”…) and in the other column write down the alternative method.

As an example, instead of smoking even though drinking your morning coffee you could potentially read a newspaper. Instead of smoking after the hot argument with your current colleague you can go for a walk around a block or maybe write down everything you approach this person, then tier this section of paper in shreds along with throw it away. Don’t be lazy, write it down! This exercise really works!

This technique works excellent. Call someone who can support you, who can talk with you for a few minutes. You can call your current nonsmoking friend, or someone who’s trying to quit smoking too.

Think about a small task you must do, something what would carry you 5-10 minutes. Make a call, send a fax, make yourself a cup of coffee, water the plant with your office. Anything! Your task is to distract yourself till the urge will pass. (Hint: Try to find activity that produces smoking impossible!)

Have a glass of water and drink it having a straw. First of all having something within your mouth to chew on will help, second it will take you a short while to drink the whole glass and the urge will pass. Plus, don’t forget that you’re likely to drink 8 glasses of water everyday!

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