The Services the Joiners of Cambridge Can Offer You

In the UK, the term “joinery” refers to the craft of the joiner. Whereas carpenters use nails to fit together boards and furniture, a joiner’s work requires the careful cutting of special joints (hence the name) which hold furnishings together.

If you are in Cambridge, then there are a number of joiners who can create bespoke fittings for your house or office. Their services cover any job which requires bespoke joinery, e.g. creating fitted kitchens and wardrobes, replacing kitchen doors, making new exterior doors.

Even if you don’t want a complete replacement of your existing kitchen, then Cambridge joiners can help you. The best joinery experts will offer a complete kitchen facelift service. These have a number of wallet-friendly advantages; such facelifts are usually about half the cost of a complete replacement and only takes about half the time. This is because one does not have to worry about the installation process. Instead, you can employ a joinery expert to add new end panels, cornices and worktops to your existing kitchen units: whether that is to match a new set of doors, a redesign elsewhere in the house, or just because you fancy a change. The benefits of joinery are that all work is made to measure by specialists working from Cambridge bases. You can enjoy the feeling of a new kitchen without having to spend the same amount of money.

You can also rest assured that you will have only the best and most experienced people working on your kitchen every step of the way. Your kitchen facelift will be undertaken by professionals with many years experience working with the company and in the joinery sector. Although joiners obviously cannot carry out gas or electricity work themselves, those with a decent level of experience will know reputable, Gas Safe registered engineers or Part P electrical engineers who they can recommend. If you are revamping your kitchen units then you might also considering having some new flooring put down to match. Again, Cambridge’s premier joiners will be ready, willing and able to recommend tillers they have worked with before and whose work they know will compliment their own. A good list of reputable contacts is one of the signs of a reputable joiner.

Wardrobe space is another important consideration for many home owners. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that no matter how much space one has, one will expand to fill it. Often, the limited wardrobe space of the house is insufficient to deal with an ever growing number of clothes, shoes, and other odds and ends. Flat pack wardrobes are one option, but generic in design and not suited to the individual spaces of your house. Cambridge’s joiners can design and manufacture bespoke wardrobes which can fit into your bedroom and maximise the available room. For some, this may mean an unit designed to fit under a sloping roof, or a raised set of drawers and cupboards to go over the bed. The fact that the joiners design the bare carcass of the wardrobes themselves mean you are delivered a wardrobe that exactly matches your space.

Whether revamping an old kitchen or maximising your storage space, the joinery experts of Cambridge can provide you with handmade but inexpensive solutions to so many of the day to day problems of keeping a house looking tidy and attractive.

If you want to make the most of your existing space, then contact Martin Thompson Joinery. They supply new doors, replacement doors, fitted kitchens and wardrobes, and a variety of other skilled services.

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