MLM Prospecting-Avoid Doing This In Your Business

If you’re in this MLM industry you fully understand success doesn’t come easy or fast. And most importantly you understand the only way to have success is in MLM prospecting aka leads. Without them you’re sure to have no success or business for that matter. Leads are to your online business like air is to humans – if you don’t have any you’ll be dead. It sounds extreme but it’s true.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well I have a large warm market” and you probably feel quite confident in them. I know, I’ve been there. I actually had a larger warm market than most out there only because I’m Hispanic and most of us come from large families (my dad alone had 13 brothers and sisters). Of course, I thought I had tons of immediate sign-ups. So, there I was sending out my invite to everyone to come to my in-home presentation. Guess who showed? 1 friend, his 2 friends and 2 of my 5 siblings (who previously told me there weren’t gonna sign-up but rather just come for moral support). To this day none of my family or friends has signed-up. I was now at a stand still and had no clue what to do. Pretty much, don’t rely on your warm market to get you started.

I then turned to the internet for ideas. I found all kinds of stuff to do but really didn’t want to do them. Not because I’m lazy or unmotivated but because they were weird things like stand outside Wall Mart and pass out flyers. Or, buy CD’s that related to my opportunity and hand them out to everyone you see. Or, pitch ’til you’re blue in the face. What’s better than hounding everyone you know every time you see them and become that guy they all want to avoid? Finally there was the MLM prospecting lead list. Some companies sell targeted leads who they claim to be “highly qualified leads”. These leads were supposed to have been in network marketing or were looking to join into network marketing.

I ended up buying a list for very cheap. Then one day sat down, picked up the phone and began calling. The first person I spoke had no idea what network marketing was or how I got their number. We hung up and I assume it was a fluke. Caller #2 was just ask confused and a bit angry because he didn’t want any phone solicitations. This total confusion was in all the calls I made. Not one of them was involved in MLM or knew what the term meant. One guy I called in Jersey wasn’t home so I left a very polite message to call me back to further discuss the opportunity at hand. He called me back all right. He left me the nastiest, more pissed off message I had ever had in my whole life. He cussed me up, down and sideways AND threatened my life and wanted to know how I got his number. My cold-calling days ended there. Needless to say I never recruited anyone through this method. Why you ask? Because the suppose MLM prospecting leads didn’t have a clue who I was or what I had to offer! Let’s say you do manage to recruit one person (by some miracle) you’d still feel discouraged because in order to get that one person you had to call hundreds of leads who turned you down.

Network marketing is about relationships. You need to build a connection first before pitching your opportunity. If you can get leads to call you or find you, then you’ve just put yourself in a position of power. You need to get people calling YOU. It’s kind of a tough concept to grasp. People don’t want to buy from you or work with you unless they know you. It’s a trust thing. They gotta like you, feel comfortable with you and feel familiar with you. Remember, people buy from people not websites.

That’s just the way it is. So, what have we covered today – do not call random MLM prospects and pitch your “great opportunity”. You’ll get rejected fast, not to mention probably feel like a schmuck after. To recruit anyone you must first know how to generate leads. Once you can get leads you begin to build relationships with them on a very real and personal level. After gaining trust you can start building a business relationship and begin to prospect. It will take time to go from a lead to a relationship to a prospect but just be patient. Go and learn all you can about generating your own leads and don’t bother with purchasing an MLM prospecting leads list.

In my experience I would have studied MLM prospecting a little more before talking with prospects on the phone so all my hard work from lead generation wasn’t done in vain.

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