Lose Weight in Spain

Losing weight and dieting in Spain is a really difficult thing to do. It is even harder to do on your own, in a foreign country with no support. That has now changed as major weight loss clubs have arrived, in English, into Spain. |Weight Watchers in Spain can now be found all around the Spanish peninsular. Slimming World is also available in lots of the Coastal areas and in the big cities such as Malaga, Granada, Madrid and Barcelona. Losing weight in Spain is a web site packed with lots of good ideas and links through to the nearest weight loss clubs in Spain in your area. There are also packs of tips on the psychology of losing weight so you can change your life, once and for all and stop the endless yoyo mad diets, where the results only last a few months. Nicola Westby is one of the best weight loss experts on the Costa Tropical and she has helped hundreds of clients get themselves in shape physically, emotionally and mentally. She recently had to stop her work with weightwatchers in Spain because of her growing list of private clients. We asked Nicola what type of work she is doing now? “My work now is a more complete approach to health and wellbeing as I found a strong link to emotional problems and a person’s inability to lose weight. Clients were sabotaging their own success because there were not ready to dump their emotional baggage. This is the same baggage that has held them back and stopped them achieving the goals they wanted to achieve”. Nicola went onto to describe several cases of extreme obesity being linked to childhood incidents, which once they were resolved the clients began to change their eating habits and lost their excess weight. “Body and mind will always be linked and both must work together. It is for us to decide for ourselves, what life we want to make for ourselves” she explained. As a master in NLP she uses the psychological techniques to achieve great results in over 90% of her clients. Her enthusiasm and dedication has produced a complete weight loss support system that works for even the most obese people. She has changed people’s lives forever. Very impressive.

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