Old Style Bread

It is a bread for bread fans, it’s a bread similar to what people had made in the old model brick oven that used to be present in most peoples again backyard a few years ago. This can be a company bread however with nice taste and texture, it is particularly just right while served sizzling proper from the oven with butter and jam. This recipe makes six loaves but you can holiday it down to two loaves just by dividing via three.

four ? pounds all function flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup oil ? pound sugar 1 ounce dry yeast 6 cups heat water

In a stainless steel bowl place your yeast and a pair of tablespoons sugar with 1 cup heat water and allow the yeast paintings, whilst the yeast starts to rise you realize that it is adequate to use and that your bread is going to rise properly. In a ten quart mixing bowl position your flour, salt, sugar, oil, yeast you had began and five cups heat water. Mix on low velocity the usage of a dough hook to your mixer until smartly mixed, then mix on 2d speed for approximately four mins, right now you will have a nice smartly textured dough, if the dough turns out too dry to you simply upload a bit of more water and blend for about another minute.

Remove dough from mixer and divide into 24 ounce balls well rounded and tight, let them stand for 5 mins on desk covered with a towel, presently grease your bread pans, take a ball of dough and flatten it doing away with any air within the dough (do not get too tough with it) flap the bottom a part of the dough as much as the middle and the highest of the dough in to the middle and press it down then fold it in half again and with the heal of your hand seal the seam of the dough, (it will have to appear to be a six inch hoagie bun) now position it in a well greased bread pan with the seam on the backside and let it upward thrust below a towel till it is double in size. In a preheated 350 degree oven place your entire loaves of bread and allow it bake for 20 mins then rotate it and allow it bake for some other 20 minutes, take away from oven and cast off from pan, allow it cool on a wire rack, even a fridge rack is good. Whilst it’s cool sufficient to chop “enjoy it”.

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