Search Engine Optimization Secrets

Finally, some search engine optimization secrets revealed. Read my article for some inside tips. In order to achieve online success you must learn how to create keyword content that will maximize your search engine optimization or SEO. Before you can move forward in your home-based business you must learn about different keyword searches, their placement and their percentage in your content. You want your content to be keyword rich so you’ll be noticed and in turn get ranked higher in the search engines. If done correctly and done consistently Google and other search engines will take notice of you and view your content as valuable and naturally move you closer to the first page.

You’ll need to know the keywords surfers and information seekers want in order to generate the exposure you desire. Let’s take my article for example, I’m writing about search engine optimization secrets. When the search engines analyze my content they’ll begin to look for the keyword(s), how often it’s being used, where it’s placed, how easily it can be recognized, how many times it’s used and the relevance. You see, search engines automatically put up a wall when they encounter new content. In order to get through that wall you can use tactics like blogs, forums and backlinks. Then, once you’re through the wall you can go hog-wild! Here are a few search engine optimization secrets to help you along the way.


Priority #1 is to make sure people and the search engines can get to your site and access it properly. For this to happen they must be able to find you. One way to get noticed is by submitting your sitemaps to search engines through Webmaster (great tool for SEO). After this, create a menu on your site in order to present your posts, pages, categories, everything you want people to see. Always go back to your site and review what you’ve done to find any mistakes. Correct all error and mistakes so you look professional. Also, make sure to offer real, valuable content and never duplicate content!

Keyword Research

Now that your site is good-to-go and has no problems, you must now focus on keywords. Search engine optimization secret – don’t shoot for the moon. Most newbies go wrong at this step. They aim too high and then spend all their time and effort trying to rank for extremely competitive keywords. Don’t attempt this, it’s a waste to target such keywords when your site is new (even if you feel you’re a link-building genius, it’s still not worth it). Seek out easier keywords, like long tail keywords, and aim for quantity. Attempt to rank for a keyword(s) according to your site’s authority and as your authority grows, then go after the more difficult keyword(s). Be sure to target keywords that have 300+ searches per month.

Establish your blog, publish one new post daily and build a few backlinks. Your authority is built up by you post several unique content pieces that target keywords on a consistent basis. Plus, building backlinks to those pieces will begin to establish your authority even more. Once you’ve put out about 60 postings/pieces and all of them have links pointed to them, your domain will gain automatic ranking power. Then, when you decided to post something new and target a harder, kinda of medium competition keyword it will rank effortlessly and with little to no backlinks. This is another reason why you should start off using low competition keywords first so, it can build traffic and authority. In the meantime find some high competition keywords you can focus on in the future and later place them on your site’s home page.

Site Design

When you’re in the beginning stages you really have to establish yourself quickly. The best way to do this is by producing high quality content daily. If daily is not practical then at least 3 times a week. Whatever content you produce needs to help or relate to or be something your visitors want – always keep them in mind. Your site has to look great too. Try to create a site design that will “wow” and be uber user-friendly. Unfortunately, no one will read your fabulous, valuable content if your site design stinks. They’ll judge your off appearances first. If you’re not savy enough to create your own design you can find themes out there for under $100 from places like WordPress or Analytics. Once the site is up you’ll need to be constantly tweeking & testing it to make sure it’s easy to manuver about and that the layout works best too.

Becoming Social

Just a few short months ago social buttons weren’t a big deal but today they are. They’re on every site you visit and have become almost essential. Getting social is pretty easy and here’s how: Get a Twitter account for your site, make a Facebook fan page, get social sharing buttons (“like” buttons on Facebook, Tweet buttons, Google +1 buttons and so on). Clicking buttons is fun to people because they like to interact and having social buttons allows them do that. More search engine optimization secrets – social media is vital to SEO. Not to mention it’s fantastic for driving traffic. Overall, being social helps do three major things for your site:

Increase the user experience.
Drives traffic to it.
Builds backlinks.

Link Building

Search engines, like Google on a daily basis are getting more intelligent. They can identify bad quality links right way due to their extremely sophisticated algorithms. What this means is that if you’re new stay away! Links like forum profiles, mass web 2.0 submissions and such can be deadly to your new site. They will find you and shut you down if you’re using too many artificial links. I’m not saying they can’t be used there’s just a place and time. Besides, in your first 3 months you want to focus on other things such as breaking down that search engine wall I spoke about above. Break the wall by building links with the use of:

Unique backlinks.
Press releases.
Getting links from friends or other people/contacts.
Spinning content.

In closing I’ll leave you with some more search engine optimization secrets
– only use one keyword phrase because if not it’ll do the opposite for you and you’ll get ranked low rather than high. Best places to use your keyword(s) are in the title, first paragraph, few times in the body and once in the last paragraph. Best things to write about is anything of value or of promotional content. Follow my simple advice, be consistent, write daily and watch your rankings grow. Best of luck to you. Feel free to read some of my other articles on my blog such as my Advocare reviews
piece that reaveals how to sponsor more reps into any network marketing company.

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