Neon Style is Back

Back in the 1980s Neon was all the fashion. There was scarcely any style, accessory, or makeup that did not come in neon. There was no escaping the neon, it was in any place. The brighter and more electrifying the more appropriate it was. currently 30 years later the neon look is back but in a less blinding way.
Neon fashion in the 1980s was many and oversized. It was often paired with black lycra with the thought that oversized and tight would balance each other out when in reality you just looked ridiculous. There was scratch really stylish regarding neon back then so when it started making a revival around 2009 there was a lot of skepticism as to whether or not you it could be done in a way that made it in fashion rather than worn in a way that made it look like it was stuck in a time warp. Since 2009 more and more neon popped into the style world with it being at a high in spring / summer 2011.
Neon of presently is a bit separate than it was 30 years ago and in a good way. Not only are the stylings of the style more shapely and not abundant and boxy but the colors and how neon is used is not as extraordinary. The shades of neon are still bold and bright though they seem to not be as blinding as they once were.
One of the best ways to wear this neon look is as a color block look. You can go as bold or as cautious you want with this look, just wear what is pleasant for you. Try a solid color shirt with a distinctive color bottom, and yet added color pair of shoes. If you are dubious of all these colors you can always wear black and/or white as part of the garb. If you are not wanting to wear so abundance neon there are also plentiful separate shirts , skirts, and shorts that are pattern print of which one of more of the colors is neon. Wear these pattern prints with a solid top or bottom for a “pop” of color without having to go overboard. If you are really bold you can find plethora of bright bikini and one piece swimsuits in bright neon colors.
If you are doubtful of neon then you can start small with a neon belt, pair of shoes, or jewelry. You also can show your passion of neon with nail polish. Many, if not most brands of nail polish have at least one neon color. You can wear a single color alone, as a twist on a classic French Manicure, or even as a water marbling pattern.
No matter if you are a child of the 1980s and nostalgic for the neon look or discovering neon for the first time there are abundance of great items of style or accessories that can be worn to show your bright and daring style side off.

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