Finding Custom Hollywood Sectionals at Sofa U Love of Pasadena

Established in 1971, Sofa U Love is a popular furniture retailer in California with over 40 years of experience in designing and supplying quality, American made furniture. In its early days, when Sofa U Love was first created, the company ran a single showroom. Today Sofa U Love has expanded to over 12 showrooms spread across Southern California.
People come to Sofa U Love to buy all types of furniture. From standard sofas to unique sleepers, custom sectionals and everything in between, Sofa U Love stands by its motto: “if you can dream of it, we can make it”. This ability, willingness and indeed eagerness to satisfy the desires of every customer that comes into, or contacts a Sofa U Love showroom is without doubt a contributing factor to Sofa U Love’s success in the furniture industry. Yet, it is one of but many features that sets this California furniture retailer apart from other U.S. furniture suppliers.
Because Sofa U Love makes every piece of furniture that they sell, custom sectionals can be tailored to meet every customers requests. Customers ordering custom sectionals to make changes to the fabric, cushioning and size of the furniture they buy from Sofa U Love. Take Sofa U Love’s popular Hollywood Sectional Sofa for example. A customer wishing to purchase a Hollywood Sofa from Sofa U Love in Pasadena (or any other Sofa U Love location for that matter) can choose between different fills for the Hollywood sectionals seat covers, make the sectional sofa a slipcover or upholstered, choose between over a thousand fabrics and an array of colors. Plan on having guests stay over? Why not add a sleeper to your custom sectionals or sofa from Sofa U Love. At Sofa U Love, the possibilities for clients interested in buying custom sectionals or virtually any other type of custom furniture is endless.
In beautiful Pasadena, CA is one of the 12 Sofa U Love locations in Southern California today. Like other Sofa U Love locations, at the Pasadena showroom customers can have custom sectionals made to their harts desire. When visiting Sofa U Love of Pasadena, one can view the company’s, American made line of custom sectionals, browse the huge selection of fabrics, or get their answers answered by the expert staff at Sofa U Love. From the time customers first enter the doors Sofa U Love in Pasadena and are greeted by members of Sofa U Love’s friendly staff of furniture experts, to the time they leave the Pasadena showroom with a custom Hollywood sectional sofa, another of Sofa U Love’s custom sectionals, or any other piece of furniture made by Sofa U Love, the people at Sofa U Love go above and beyond.
Sofa U Love

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