The fear of panic attacks

The weirdest thing about panic attacks is that they can be induced by merely thinking of them and worrying about getting them. The patient is never notified of its coming.

The shortage of breathing and hyperventilation begin suddenly. Breathing for you virtually ceases while your heart beats come more rapidly.

Your palms turn damp and your pulse accelerates. Wavering from head to toe, freezing fright suddenly becomes your partner.

Movement is suddenly impossible. These signs clearly portray a panic attack.

You may find it difficult to see clearly while also being itchy in parts of your body, and undergoing severe nausea. A deep-seated fear grips you along with all these, rendering you irresolute with thoughtless inactivity.

A panic attack comes out of the blue without warning. On happening the first time, the victim feels like they are about to die.

Waves manifest over and over again, the sufferer fearing the panic attack would go on forever while just lasting ten minutes. When these warning signs occur frequently, it is a clear indication of a panic disorder.

Only if the victim stays true to the medication the doctor prescribes can they regain their health. Amongst a number of other drugs, there will likely be diazepam and lorazepam to begin with.

Other patients will probably have antidepressants on their prescription.

Therapies abound though, that put a decisive end to panic attacks.

Lastly, it should be noted that anxiety panic attacks are not psychological in nature, but are often as a result of circumstances the victim has no control over.

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