How Important Is Keyword Research for Your Blog?

Keyword research is overlooked

Researching keywords is the most overlooked task for SEO and yet it is the most important. Trying to get good rankings in the search engines particularly Google in the organic listings is not only time consuming but also extremely costly.

So with this in mind it is very important to get the right keywords so that you can rank highly for hot keywords and convert those searches into interactive users or even for converting sales, when you achieve this you can be free to concentrate on other areas of marketing.

How Important Is Keyword Research for Your Blog?

If you attract the right keywords you have a good chance of getting laser targeted traffic.

The mistake everyone makes is concentrating on keywords just for their home page and they forget about optimizing inside pages or they think it is not as important and yet home page is generally 10% or less of the overall searches being found when users land to your site.

Another mistake is webmasters or so called SEO pro’s rely too much on highly searched keywords using Google Keywords tool, although this is useful for determining keywords that are highly searched, it can be extremely difficult because the competition for those keywords are usually extremely high.

The other overlooked aspect is many people who expect to rank well don’t know the average backlinks needed in order to outbeat your competition for all your website pages, the great thing is there is an SEO plugin called Keyword Winner which tells you this information.

This is extremely useful because if you know you only need 3 backlinks in order to get top spot for a blog post then you’re flying with colors.

It is said that if your site holds a lot of authority including strong backlinks you can rank quicker and higher for more competitive keywords so you can target sites that generally have 1 million to 10 million competing pages.

For blogs that are fairly new or have still some time to hold good foundation, I recommend targeting less competitive keywords around 1 million or lower, 100,000 or lower is more ideal for totally new blogs.

Daniel Lew is the creator of Keyword Winner an SEO plugin for Bloggers.

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