What is the Amazon Kindle 3 ereaders best feature? Why it beats the competition

The Kindle 3 ereader from Amazon has made quite a stir in the tablet market recently. Some put this down to the fact that it was one of the first tablets to market and thus managing to hold a market share, others say it is down to the pricing structure being a lot more affordable than the likes of the ipad and galaxy tablets. But the fact is the Amazon with its ultra readable screen in both darkness and direct sun makes the tabet from Amazon a market leader.

Things can only get better for the kindle now that it has an even higher contrast screen with an even higher resolution. The new features of wifi and the new internet browser are welcome additions to this device. The fact is most people buy their ereaders and tablets to read e-books and we all know how straining it can be reading from a laptop or tv screen and these tablets are no different with lcd screens. You can happily sit outside in the sun reading for hours with a Kindle three something that is almost impossible with nearly all other ereaders.

When it come to getting books for the Kindle a lot of people still buy their ebooks on a individual basis paying up to $15 per novel, to me this is not good value as the price is comparable to purchasing the hardback paper version. This is the model followed by both Apple with the ibook store and Amazons online store. However, I get my books from a place called Kindle Ebooks Online, this site offers members access to over 35,000 e-books online and available for direct download straight to your Kindle ereader. The choice is massive and has every genre and author I have heard of. The Best part about this service is that users are not restricted in any way so users can download every book on the site and never pay another penny.

I started using the service about 3 weeks ago and it cost me $39.99 for a lifetime membership, I just paid with paypal and was sent my login info in an email, I currenty have downloaded about 40 ebooks for my kindle and cant imagin how much I have saved from the Amazon or Ibook store prices. Plus I can continue to download ebooks and store them saving even more.

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