Bike Safety

Learning to ride a bike is truly a beautiful experience for every boy or girl, offering fun, freedom and health and fitness. This builds up a child’s self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. Like the majority of recreation with such excellent reward, there is possibly the risk of injury. Instructing your child in the fundamentals of bicycle safety is a crucial step on the way to mastering the skill of riding a bike.

Always Wear Your Helmet

Head trauma incidents account for more than 60% of bike related fatalities involving younger bike riders. Typically, little ones do not like having on a helmet. To promote the use of helmets, let them pick out their helmet and emphasize to them that the reason they need to put it on is because you would never want something bad to take place. If they don’t wear a helmet, they can’t ride their bike. Period.

Teach them to Remain Alert

For boys and girls less than 10 years of age, almost all biking injuries are actually brought on by an a mental miscue or error in judgment. Boys and girls injure themselves running directly into stationary objects like parked cars or mailboxes. They run into each other into each other or run into the curb. Stress that being alert is just as important as following safety rules. Remind them you are always pleased when they choose to make good decisions and ask them to be a leader any time they are riding in the neighborhood with their friends.

As your child begins to explore more of his or her world on their bicycle, take the time to walk them through the new places they’ll be allowed to ride. Show hazard spots; parked cars that obscure vision, hectic traffic zones, extreme hills and ask them to explain how they will manage each situation.

Learn the Traffic Rules

For almost all parents, recognizing and reacting to traffic signs and rules will be second nature, but we often forget that kids have not taken driver’s ed courses. Teach your young children the direction traffic should go, how to negotiate intersections along with the meaning of the traffic signs in his or her riding zone.

While you are riding with your child in the car, quiz them on the various traffic signs and speak with them about exactly what they might do in the event that they were on their own bike instead of in the vehicle. Clearly show illustrations of drivers who are not really paying adequate attention and use this to demonstrate the significance of staying alert.

At First, It’s all about Balance

Riding a bike comes down to one essential skill – balance. Numerous specialists recommend an method which does not use training wheels. This particular technique has been the method in Europe for some time where a lot of children master riding a bike using a balance bike that has sprockets, pedals or chains and is powered by the child’s feet.
Whenever teaching your child to ride a bike, make the lessons about balance, not pedaling. In the event that you don’t have a balance bike, remove the pedals, drop the height of the seat as low as it can go and let your chilld to try out their sense of balance by pushing the bike with their feet.

As they begin to learn their balance, shift them to the top of a small hill and have them drift down the hill, skimming their feet on the ground as they ride. This should improve the learning process and help the health of your back as you won’t end up being the person continually pushing the bike all over the neighborhood.

Bicycle Gear Maintenance

Always check to make sure that your daughter or son’s bicycle is in good, working condition. Check the brakes, both back and front. Brakes may degrade fairly quickly when used frequently and kids have a way of improvising stops when they do. This may lead to a fast deterioration of sneakers as they become the main braking mechanism.

Look at the tire pressure and rotation. Make certain all the spokes are undamaged and the gears and gear shifters are functioning. Examine the seat, handlebars and tires to ensure nothing is loose.

A Ride is Better Together

It’s always best to lead by example. If you have bike gathering dust and rust. Pump up those tires, give it a good maintenance check and get out and ride. You’d be surprised how much kids want to be like mom and dad. Get out there and ride today!

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