What are the best boxing gloves for sparing on the market?

When it comes to Boxing or Muay Thai it is important to choose a good boxing glove brand for the everyday gloves for training and sparing and equally to choose good quality gloves for competitve fights. While a lot of gyms in the uk will insist on members to use 16oz gloves for sparing and 8oz gloves for competitlve comptetion both in the ABA and many Thai boxing accosiations.

For Normal bag training and light sparing a good quality glove from ADIDAS, FAIRTEX, TWINS, or TOP KING all of these gloves will cost between ?40-?80 and are good for one or two years of hard training as they are all leather and high quality stitching.Things to think about when purchasing a set of Muay Thai boxing gloves are the quality of the gloves, can they be used to spar, and how long will they last. Three well known brands of gloves are Fairtex, Twin, and Top King. These brands offer sparing gloves for any Muay Thai fighter. For example, Fairtex offers a Bg-1 glove that is handmade in Thailand. This glove is made with leather covering a shock absorbing foam core that is designed to help protect the fighter’s knuckles and wrists. Fairtex designs these gloves to fit snuggly and comfortably. They have a long leather and Velcro wrap around fastening system that makes it easy for the fighter to remove the gloves and to put them on. The Fairtex gloves are made to be long lasting and are very expensive. They are used for absorbing shocks when working with the heavy bag.

The Twins special Muay Thai boxing gloves are less expensive that the Fairtex gloves. They can be used in all areas and are made with leather shells covering shock absorbing foam. They are softer than most Thai gloves and are comfortable for training. These gloves are larger than other options which make them difficult to use when practicing clinch work. They tend to show signs of wear after approximately nine months. They also have foam around their strap that will rub and become uncomfortable.

The best option in Muay Thai Boxing gloves are the Top King. These gloves are handmade using high quality leather. They also have a long loop around the leather wrist straps that attaches with Velcro. These gloves are made with a “clima cool” technology that is designed to keep the fighters stay cooler. This technology involves a neoprene material to dry out the fighter’s palms. These gloves are very comfortable to use. Top King gloves are manufactured using a multi-layered shock absorbent foam. This foam is great for all aspects of workouts because it absorbs shocks from impacts experienced when sparing or practicing with a heavy bag.

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