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Google had recently announced that the number of Android-related applications have been downloaded from Android Market. The number is a whooping 3 billion applications. This just shows how many Android users are in the world and on how decision-makers that meet their demands for innovative and creative programs for Android. The number would definitely move up to a higher level but with the rise of Android users and their seemingly inexhaustible demand for new applications.

There are sites that which reviews new and updated programs each week in the Market. The theme of this review is different every week because there are simply too many applications to review in the Market. There are some really good programs that examined this week on mobile banking and file synchronization, along with printouts from the phone. These enhanced features of Android are some really good application to take a closer look.

A new game application on the Android called Geocaching will rock your world. In this game you can leave the hidden treasures at places you like and let other people with the same application installed to try to find it. You are required to provide clues and GPS coordinates to help people to find your hidden treasure. The game’s popularity is increasing rapidly among many people who like adventure. You can get a group of friends or club together and play this game in town or even in the wilderness. Environmental severity is entirely up to you which you can set your own stage and hint of difficulty. This game comes to your Android phone from Garmin Opencaching. The company designed the game to display a map with some points as clues as to where the cache is hidden. You can press on a map pointing to open another page which will tell you the clues necessary to discover the hidden treasure. It’s a really good application for those who like outdoor activities and adventures.

Another new application for your Android as an alternative to Google’s cloud print was Hewlett Packard joined the race with its new HP ePrint service. By using this service, you can take pictures or choose from a gallery or some other image data container you Android phone or other data source can come up with and distance them on your home or office printer or to another public printer nearby. With this service, you can go to anyone who would be willing to allow you to print on their printers and print from there.

While Bank of America is the only bank that offers an official application for Android back in 2008, the rapid growth of Android phone in the last few years several other banks that have the official application service for your Android. BB & T was also involved in the game now with its new official application service for Android, which offers services that balance the viewer, bills payment between accounts, money transfers, and a very useful feature to find your nearest BB & T ATMs or banks.

With all the new applications on Android Market, updated SugarSync its application product this week with new AutoSync feature that allows constant service Autotune for your cell phone and clouds. The SugarSync itself is a program that lets you upload files to the cloud and providing access to them for other people via a wireless device. With this software you can set your app to upload new pictures taken, or any file stored on your SugarSync automatically acc.

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