Demanding some unregistered land or properties in London

Maybe you are one of those who have seen several advertisements selling free land or property in the UK. These ads are really attractive while at the same time can be a bit risky in several ways. This is a great opportunity to tell the people that they have the chance to own these properties.

The land and its title as well as any structure found within it are included in the free land’s scope. One of the vital matters you should know in this procedure is to check whether the advertisements’ claim on the details of the land is true. Listed details are usually subject to inconsistencies and may just exploit the claimant of the land.

When these ads will be pushed, they will have incorrect details at some point. For one thing, there is the comment stated on the ads that land unregistered is considered as having no owners. This is a false assumption as every land is legally stated to have owners. It may be that the previous occupant and owner have passed away and no heirs were declared.

If these are the cases, it is very possible that the land is already controlled by a government agency like the Land Registry which is specifically manages free lands.

Chattel properties that are registered are only those which have transferred ownership or mortgage since 1990. There are land a few thousand acres wide in the agricultural sector which are not listed in the Registry. Nonetheless, we cannot assume that they are not owned by somebody as every lot has an owner.

If you are interested in the free land scenarios, then you have to consider taking the time to look for the ideal ones. To consider the land as free, there are three things that must be considered, and these are that the property has no traceable owners, the land has been abandoned for decades, and the lot is unregistered.

When the lot has been identified, it would do wise for one to research the registration of the land. Typically, online search on the Land Register Website is sufficient to give you the details on the owners.

If it does not give any results, it would be wise to ask around from the local people. In addition, electoral polls and local church memberships will suffice. On the cases the owner died, the Probate Office will be the best areas where you can find possible heirs to the property.

When searches will not turn up any results, you can try to ask for third party providers that will do the search for you. It is advised that you confidentiality must be addressed by these providers about your intention to the inquiry.

Adverse possession is the main option you can do to stake your claim to the land, and this is to generally indicate to the public that you own the property. However, it is never wise to conduct extensive renovations to the structures unless you are already the owner. There are some cases when the real owners turn up and will claim the land for theirs.

A person may legally own a land only after twelve years. An investigation will be held to hear the claim before the land title will be transferred to you name.

The Land Registry is a concept that does not encourage any land grab procedures. All land and property has an owner, and it is up to you to locate these owners to make an offer for the property you are interested in.

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