How Pittsburgh and Syracuse Being Added to the ACC Makes Excellent Basketball Sense

College athletic conferences normally expand to include additional teams to improve its football power. Conferences do this because football is one of profitable collegiate (and professional) sport in america. So, as soon as your collegiate conference has big-time football teams in it, your conference reaps far more money in TV contracts and tournament funds. So, once the Atlantic Coast Conference (the ACC) determined recently to expand to include Syracuse and Pittsburgh, football reputation was undoubtedly a motivating component. Both of these teams have great basketball reputation, however, and their addition to the ACC is an excellent move for the schools and also the conference as well. ACC mainstays UNC and Duke, on the other hand, typically have difficulties with additions to the conference, because as basketball power-houses, they feel the addition of more “football schools” has a tendency to dilute the league and show a football-focus.

For those that do not know, the ACC is a group of college sports programs on the East Coast which compete and work together in both athletics and, from time to time, academics. There are numerous other conferences in the usa, such as the Big East, SEC and Big Ten. Normally, the addition of a team reflects its geographic location. These conferences are created to create a regional collection of teams for each school to compete against. This can save funds on traveling fees and develops local camaraderie. Another purpose, however, is to have a more substantial bargaining force to obtain additional money-making television agreements for the display of the conference’s sports. Football, which happens to be arguably the most popular spectator sport in the country, produces the most income for a conference.

So, there are lots of causes for an inclusion of additional squads. But at the end of the day, there is a new phenomenon that is occuring in the world of collegiate athletics. The days of the tiny micro-conference are numbered. An increasing number of schools are jumping ship from lesser groups to what have become “super-conferences.” This movement is going on regardless of the modest protests of a number of fans who like the fact that there are several conferences contributing spice to the nation’s college athletic competitions. They think that these large, robust conferences will take control of the landscape and push away smaller universities and conferences. Despite those fears, because conferences like the ACC will be including new universities and in all probability more down the road. They simply have to expand or risk eradication.

Older ACC institutions like the University of North Carolina and Duke University, each incredible basketball powerhouses, have typically opposed conference expansion. Many speculate the cause for the resistance is the idea that conference growth puts increasingly more focus on football. This concern has some merit. Fortunately, however, schools such as these are starting to come around to the concept. They are simply understanding that the age of the super-conference is here to stay. Frankly, conferences eat or get eaten in this environment. It’s much better for the ACC to “eat” various other conferences and expand than to remain small, and risk dropping teams.

Regarding what both of these new add-ons bring to the conference, they bring both football and basketball tradition and competitiveness. Syracuse is a well-known basketball university that has a large recruiting sway in the New York City vicinity. Pittsburgh, while lately producing very competitive basketball teams, is renowned for its formidable football program.

Adding these two programs will positively contribute to the ACC in both sports. Basketball will gain two solid squads, and also the football side will grow all the more than it has in the past few years. The future of ACC athletics looks excellent.

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