Celebrating Halloween With The Whole Family

Halloween never has been definitely the holiday. As a kid, growing up on the actual farm, trick-or-treating meant getting in and out of the car (often on very cold nights) and putting on coats over our fancy dress costumes. I certainly liked this candy, but it never made much sense in my experience.

As a father, I must admit I have warmed to the vacation, but I still have trouble with all the focus in witches and ghouls and such. A holiday that targets scary things still bothers me a little bit bit. I’ve been pleased which my children have usually chosen more wholesome photos to emulate through their own costumes.

This year was unique though. I’ve actually been looking forward to Halloween since the middle of June. I planned. I prepared. I thought and strategized about it. But, it didn’t go quite the way I expected…

Our community has any neighborhood garage sale every single June. By planning everyone’s sale about the same day more people attend as well as the event is more successful for anyone. For several years my son has brought a stand selling lemonade, coffee, muffins and cookies, taking advantage of the many shoppers who came to our cul-de-sac. Last year, my neighbor and I added hot dogs along with grilled food to the particular menu. People could shop and have a meal too! We had so significantly fun; we did it again this season.

Only this year, we secretly decided to supply the proceeds to our neighbors with a son with autism. At our annual celebration, after the sale, we presented them having about $120 (a lot of money when you aren’t selling anything for greater than a dollar!) to give towards the autism group of the choice.

The mix of the fun we had and the response many of us received from our neighbors triggered another idea – let’s do this at Halloween. Halloween would be ideal we speculated; lots of traffic (since we will have more than 100 trick or treaters), easy to market (through flyers inside the neighborhood), and this year Halloween would be on a Friday. It seemed perfect!

Every few weeks the niche came up. We talked about things know about serve and how to promote it. Jimmy, who works in thier food brokerage business, got sponsors to provide all the meat. As the calendar taken on October we got more severe and the menu was set: hot dogs, bratwurst, hamburgers and homemade chili.

As I worked on the marketing flyer, all the foods grew to become holiday-themed: Halloweenies, Beastie Brats, Haunted Hamburgers and Relaxing Chili. We decided to market soda and chips. We added a position for kids to william for apples. We would have the actual candy from five houses for just one stop trick-or-treating. We distributed more compared to 140 flyers. We were raising money to get a great cause. In the final week we even realized we were about to have perfect weather — upper 60’s by “game moment. ” We had the perfect setup for a prosperous event.

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