What is the Amazon Kindle ebook store? Comparison to other ebook services

If you are a book enthusiast who loves to read a wide assortment of magazines, novels and books, then there is some great news for you. You can now save extra money on shipping and processing charges when you order your preferred kindle ebooks on Amazon. Amazon kindle ebooks allows you to easily and conveniently purchase an abundance of books from the kindle store, which is Amazon’s biggest digital collection.

One of the benefits of making a purchase for your kindle ebook from the store is that the books are really inexpensive in comparison to their physical counterparts. Besides, in mere seconds, you can actually access thousands of novels, magazines and popular books from this digital store and you no longer have to wait weeks or even days just for the physical copies to reach your home anymore.

Currently, kindle store has in excess of 60,000 titles and its assortment is quickly growing every day. One of the most practical advantages of utilizing this digital store is the fact that you can save 60% to 70% when compared to the paperback versions. Digital books provide you with an instant advantage of immediate access to downloads. Once you buy the digital books from the kindle store, books can literally be downloaded in a matter of seconds and you can immediately read them on your kindle device.

You can also acquire a wide variety of other accessories for your kindle ebook; these include gelaskins to protect your screen, messenger bags, leather covers and kindle jackets; these are just some of the many accessories available for your kindle.

For the book enthusiastic, kindle store provides bestsellers from well-known authors like John Grisham, Charlaine Harris, Dan Brown and Nicholas Sparks. Besides novels, you will also discover other genres of books including history and politics, mystery, thriller, romance, biographies, sci-fi, fiction and non-fiction and cooking. Newspapers and magazines from all over the world are also available at the Amazon digital store.

Yet another benefit of using the digital store to purchase books for you kindle ebooks is that it offers lots of free downloads for ebooks that you can read on your amazing device. There are several public domain books accessible for free which can be instantly downloaded to your device. In this section for free books you can find historical bestsellers from writers like Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll and Mark Twain, just to name a few.

One more benefit of the Amazon kindle store is that many upcoming authors are allowed to use it as an effective promotional platform. If you are an author and you would like to gain popularity for yourself and your books, then you can publish your personal digital books at the kindle store.

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