Boiling And Barbecuing Lobster: Simpler Than You Would Imagine

Red Lobster serves up the absolute best lobster tails, but when we don’t have the time to go to the Red Lobster, we cook lobster in your house. It may be a daunting endeavor for many home cooks, but preparing lobster is actually an achievable as well as delicious endeavor. There are lots of tricks and tips to cook these yummy shelled fellas, and I’m planning to cover some of them here. So, enjoying lobster at home is very doable — even Red Lobster level sea food is obtainable in a simple and easy fashion. Naturally, my favorite seafood eating venue is also an awesome option, but hey, occasionally you want that buttery shell fish at your house without needing to go anywhere other than your own private dining room.

Boiling a Lobster

First of all, get a LIVE lobster. I cannot stress this enough. Since a dead lobster, that is, a lobster which was killed well before your cooking it, will not likely cook as well, it is advised you stick to live lobsters. So, with your live lobster, get a big pot of water, thyme as well as lemon juice/rinds to a boil. If your lobster has any strings or rubber bands forcing the claws closed, dispose of those. Put him in the rapidly boiling water head first. Use caution here, obviously. Yes, I know this will be bit of a downer for a few people, but be aware that the lobster’s brain is exceedingly small – it’s got absolutely no complex thought or emotion process. The death is furthermore extremely quick. Cover up the pot and boil approximately a quarter of an hour. You will place a cover on the pot and keep it boiling. Boil around Fifteen minutes for the typical size lobster.When it starts getting done, it will turn bright red. This won’t indicate it’s totally done always. Confirm with a meat thermometer for 180 degrees for the right technique to find out if it’s done. The majority of people like a lemon-butter dipping sauce, so you’ll want to have plenty there.

Remember to get to 180 degrees. You may as well tell it’s done by checking the tenderness…it should be firm and bright.

Cooking a Lobster on the Barbecue

First, boil your lobsters about 3-5 minutes to get it nicely precooked. Use an equivalent setup as stated before. After that, slice the lobster in two length wise. Apply the meat with sea salt, pepper and oil. I favor organic olive oil. Heat it up moderate high heat, and set lobster parts shell side down. Recommended is also to brush oil on the lobster meat whilst it’s grilling to keep it moist. Bear in mind your intended target temperature of 180 degrees F, for those who have a quick-read food thermometer. This is the spot where you get to relish. Remove them, let them cool for approximately 5-10 minutes and serve it together with butter sauce. I also prefer a little bit of lemon.

The Best Part: Enjoying!

For those legs, grip the lobster’s body and rotate off the legs. Crack the legs like you might do eating a crab leg and just suck the meat out or perhaps use a fork to peel it out. Soak in butter sauce for best taste.

These are a pair of techniques for savoring Red Lobster quality lobster in your own home. My family really loves it. Toss some shrimp on the Barbecue also for a big feast. What you drink with lobster does not matter. It’s wonderful regardless.

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