Seattle citizens to experience LED lighting

In order to educate more people what benefits LED lighting can bring to them, Philips Lighting will start an LED lighting show named Philips LED Light Experience in Seattle. The show will be free for visitors and exhibit Philips’ LED products from LED lamp to LED strip as well as educational demonstration on advantages of LED lighting.

People attending the Philips LED Light Experience will learn how LED bulbs are made, what features they have and how they can make houses brighter and “greener”. There will also be professional designers available for consultation on how to use energy-saving, long-lasting LED lights go give the home a different ambience. Visitors can even attend interactive sessions to learn in a funny way about why LED lights are better than incandescent bulbs.

Philips Lighting plans to carry out the interactive mobile exhibit at 24 stops in 10 different U.S. cities as part of local trade shows, festivals or other events. The exhibit is expected not only to promote the company’s latest LED replacement products for traditional lighting devices, but also to show more people why LED lighting is a better choice for future.

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