How electronic cigarettes work

A lot of people have been switching to electronic cigarettes which are currently the safest and most convenient smoking alternative since nicotine addiction could not be discarded in an instant. It has been taking the globe by storm since it first came out in 2005 as it greatly helps in reducing if not ending the problem on smoking and provides safe exit for people who could not withdraw abruptly from the habit. The reason why it is becoming more popular is that electronic cigarette succeeds where nicotine patch and gums have failed. Even celebrities swear by the effectiveness of this revolutionary Chinese invention.

Seeing the ad on TV or in print does not explain how electronic cigarettes work. For your information, electronic cigarette is divided into three sections – the battery (the red light located at the tip of the e-cigarette), the atomizer (the longest area located in the middle section of the e-cigarette), and the cartridge (contains the e-juice placed in the filter area). Smokers use it just like a real smoke. During inhalation, the battery-powered atomizer heats and vaporizes the e-liquid contained in the cartridge to produce smoke that hits the throat the way nicotine does. These three segments work together to simulate a real tobacco smoke minus the harmful chemicals and tar. Most e-liquids are composed of basic ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavorings. The nicotine content comes in low, medium, and high variations. Some electronic cigarette brands have e-liquids that can be mixed manually to give customers the option on how they want their e-liquid to taste like. Each cartridge can last up to 20 puffs but it depends on the person’s usage.

Imagine how secure your lungs and other organs can be if no carcinogens and other toxic chemical enter the body. Not only do smoker save his own life but also the life of passive smokers who are also at risk whenever they get exposed to tobacco smoke. This will also save you from the hassles of using lighters which sometimes cause fire whenever a smoker irresponsibly throws the cigarette butt just anywhere because the battery is rechargeable. The electronic cigarette package is sold with USB, AC power, and car charger with bonus 10-piece cartridge or more depending on your chosen brand. The details on how electronic cigarettes work may be simple but the benefits it brings are matchless.

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