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My children decided to visit Europe after we found out my sister was chosen to take a trip to France with the World Cup in 2008 with DriveAway Holidays, sponsored by Peugeot. We thought we could join her in Italy – I can not let my sister have each of the fun now can My partner and i? I have to admit the flight felt enjoy it was never going to get rid of and was very exhausting, but when we finally found its way to Rome we were many excited again. We collected our car from Rome Fiumicino Airport and also the Europcar depot was very easily found with numerous signs pointing us inside the right direction. After the papers were being signed and completed, we found our vehicle in order to our surprise we were upgraded with a sporty Alfa Romeo Stop Wagon so we were ready to drive in luxury like Italians within our Italian car. Our confidence was knocked a bit though when we struggled trying to find our way out on the parking lot! Who would have thought it will be so complicated? Luckily we hired the actual Seymour GPS which definitely saved considerable time and fights! The GPS made the driving and traveling a whole lot smoother and more straight forward, which is exactly the thing you need on a holiday. Rome was truly spectacular with plenty of historical attractions and museums to travel to. My sister got engaged within the St Pietro Cathedral while we were there which made the trip a lot more special. It was very intimate and sure did provide tears to my eye!

My favourite attraction throughout Rome was the Trevi water feature. The tradition is to help toss a coin in the fountain to manufacture a wish, and then toss an additional coin to one day go back to Italy. Hope it works! From Rome we driven to Naples and with the aid of our GPS, driving wasn’t as hard once we first thought. Soon we were utilized to the crazy speeds for the motorways and driving around the wrong side of the street, it all didn’t seem so strange anymore. In Naples we booked the Amalfi Coast tour plus the views were truly wonderful. In Positano, we sampled the strong taste of the famous Italian liquor Limoncelo and a few mouth watering local chocolates. From Naples we drove on Milan for an overnight stay and then continued to Florence. Florence was remarkable and also we were all amazed with the famous artworks. I studied these works in high school graduation so it was fairly amazing to stand right before them. I absolutely loved Michelangelo’s Brian statue, if I had the possibility I would have stared at everthing day! Our car rental expertise ended in Venice for the Pizzale Roma near this ferry terminal. After all our looking, our luggage seemed a lot heavier than we expected but we were able to drag them along. Venice was my favourite invest Italy. Ancient buildings built over water, it was so one of a kind and wonderful. We had the chance to take a ride around the gondolas through the canals and under the bridges and we find the perfect timing as it was sunset. Our hotel was appropriate beside Louis Vuitton in addition to Prada so we did lots of window shopping! After Venice we reserved a flight to Paris. The Eiffel Tower ended up being our favourite attraction then when we reached the prime, there were amazing views in the city. Although it was quite crowded with tourists as a result of World Cup, it was definitely useful, we were so overwhelmed with all the views that the crowds didn’t really bother us all.

At night the Eiffel Structure lit up with lazer light shows and inside the colours of the Entire world Cup winner, South Africa, which was pretty remarkable. The car rental inside Italy gave us the freedom to explore several townsa and hidden gems between our destinations. It was sheer pleasure driving luxuries car in Italy by making use of our handy little good friend the Seymour GPS. I highly recommend a motor vehicle hire and GPS technique to anyone traveling offshore. This was a family holiday that had been exhausting with the numerous attractions we saw in a very limited time, but it was a good looking experience, one I hope I will be able to experience once again

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