Review of the Samsung galaxy tablet ereader. Which is the best ereader on the market?

Gadget geeks could feast on the number of tablets emerging in the market, one of which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. When it comes to functionality and design, Galaxy Tab scores big time in the ratings race because of its excellent features. Samsung Galaxy Tab is fast and efficient as it uses the more advanced ARM 1 GHz Cortex processor matched with 512 MB of RAM help enhance the Google Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) and Samsung TouchWiz UI upgrade. Its 7 inch LCD TFT screen is also a major highlight as it makes viewing more of a pleasure than a struggle especially when the tablet is being used under the daylight. After all, Samsung is known for its almost-perfect taste when it comes to imaging. The internal memory varies from 16 GB to 32 GB that can still be increased because of the memory card slot.

Galaxy Tab also has a 3MP camera with LED flash and autofocus that allows one to take high-definition photos and videos anywhere. Connectivity is also Samsung’s forte that is why the Galaxy Tablet employs HSDPA with GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 3.0 for fast data transfer.

Apple’s iPad may be the leading crowd favorite but there are some things that you will appreciate more about Galaxy including its ability to multi-task. And while iPad has bigger dimensions and solid design, Samsung Galaxy weighs lighter because of the plastic material used to house the system. Actually, it may just come as a large-sized smartphone than a tablet since you it can be held on one hand allowing the other hand freely navigate or browse.

As a whole, Samsung Galaxy is not bad for a $400++ worth tablet. With all the great attractions that this gadget presents, it would feel like you have everything you need. Of course, you can’t really avoid hits and misses but the only disadvantage about Samsung Galaxy that buyer find disturbing is the inaccessibility of battery. Unless you have battery issues, this is something you can leave to the repairman. For the meantime, as Galaxy Tab is meant to entertain, inform, and connect you with friends, all you have to do is enjoy browsing.

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