The #1 Mistake Made By Those Who Wish To Start A Business, Especially Network Marketers As Witnessed On Shark Tank Weekly

I was watching Shark Tank yesterday evening. I have watched this show once or twice, and enjoy it. I assume that in case you are entrepreneur minded at can be as easy seen this show, it currently in upon ABC on Sunday nights. The basic premise is entrepreneurs and could well be entrepreneurs who are searhing for funding for their company, pitch a group involving 5 potential investors on their business model. Sometimes they have investors fighting for some the action, more often than not they give them a large set of why the business won’t work and dismiss these.

Last night I ended up being watching Jeff Stroope, a firefighter from Wyoming pitching his invention that allow you to attached a fire hose to your water hydrant faster 27 seconds faster than turning it like currently is being done. The pitch was “every second counts” and this “27 second difference” has a huge impact on the ability of firefighters to conserve both lives and house. This is very popular. People who work in a specific industry find a way to improve a service or product within their niche, and decide to try to generate a business around it. The question you should ask, before developing any product or business is WHO ARE MY CUSTOMERS! It is hard to mention how many life savings happens to be saved, if would be inventors and small businesses had just asked this place simple question.

A great idea, which the firefighter through Arkansas had, is really has no relationship towards success of the organization or product. It is all with regards to customers and market probable. Ideally the more those who ALREADY USE YOUR Products or services the more upside potential of your respective business. Does that make good sense?

The sharks were getting ready to dismiss Mr. Stroope, and one of these people was explaining that basically your only customers were Fire Departments who definitely are in a state of decrease. He said maybe you will have thought about developing something for the garden hose. At this point, Mr. Stroope reached in his pocket and pulled out a proto sort of a water hose connector. You could see the actual Sharks totally change. One said, why didn’t you indicate us this first? Mr. Stroope said he had spent time and effort and money trying to sell the Fire Hose. Of course they tried to spellout to this gentleman wherever his customers were. Bottom line, is this guy was passionate in regards to product that he felt like could save day-to-day lives. I appreciate that. Bottom line, one of the sharks was prepared buy his product along with patens for 1 ? trillion dollars, only because of the garden hose adapter.

So many times people fall in love with niche products, services and ideas that employ a limited upside potential. This is not the recipe for business accomplishment, especially in the network marketing industry. The most important question you are able to ask yourself when evaluating the goods line of a network marketing company is what percent on the population currently use this supplement. What percent of people need this product. A few years ago a quote in Achievements Magazine, created a major paradigm shift for me personally “If people want what your selling, you will get rich”. If you want to begin a business to generate income, this is the correct thought process. An even better thought process is choose a way to provide product or service that people are already buying for a more efficient or economical way. A classic example of the as it relates for the movie rental business would be NetFlix and Redbox, who have kicked Blockbuster inside rump.

That is why after not building a MLM Team in over a decade I joined MPB Today, because this unique business model meets the above requirements. MPB Today is the perfect combined network marketing and classic business. MPB Today is in front with the online grocery delivery, pick-up trend and will give customers the opportunity to save time and money by having the name brand groceries, THEY ARE ALREADY BUYING, delivered directly to the door. One of the most crucial questions all entrepreneurs really should ask themselves before persuing any home based business is what is the truth market for my services or products. Don’t get caught up in the passion of selling fire hose adapters when you should be selling home water hose-pipe adapters.

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