The purchase of cars for Car Rental Companies

Car rental companies buy large numbers of cars they own or stored in garages in the area airports.
To provide car fleet, rent a car company can choose mainly to the following:
a) Purchase from vendors (internal or external) machine through the sale – purchase. Given that the financial effort is considerable, particularly for initial start-up business, few companies resort to this solution.
b) for lease purchase in the specialized companies. The solution most commonly used among companies both small and medium-size national, but the big companies because of the potential phasing of capital expenditure during the period of lease.
c) Make a bank loan, which will be used to purchase stock. It is an option rarely used by car rental companies, because of the difficulties involved in banking rules, but it can be used when buying a small number of vehicles.
d) Many car rental companies like rent a car Bucharest Airport, have desks at airports and even fleet to provide fast and quality car rental service at airport ARRIVAL areas.

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