The investment required for starting a Car Rental business

In general, the investment and directions for achieving them is a problem of availability for the company, the development strategy adopted, the particular market in which it is addressed and a number of other objective or subjective factors. However, the next few elements are necessary to initiate and operate a car rental service by a company (see on car rental Bucharest):
– Acquisition of a fleet of vehicles, whose number may vary from 30-200 small business, about 1000 for large companies. Structure fleet cars (cars, vans, field cars, light trucks, etc..) Depends on the target group best represented in the market, which the company believes it can achieve a satisfactory level of its turnover.
– Providing information and communication infrastructure, to include both processes and systems for managing electronic dashboards for decision makers and electronic customer relationship management (type Customer Relationship Management) and modern communication tools.
– Purchase or lease a site for car park, opening it points especially around airports or railway stations.
– Provide qualified personnel, including both delivery and reception staff providing cars to customers, as well as the maintenance of the vehicles, office staff, etc..

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