Promotion tools in a Rent a Car advertising campaign

Clearly, the car rental sector is one of maintaining and developing in the market which is deeply dependent on marketing activities. The success of car rental companies can be associated with a famous statement: Businesses that are rich have money for marketing. Customize any such statements to the car rental companies is reflected in the fact that they must work towards an observation, understanding and anticipation of future customer ‘behavior, using the most appropriate marketing tools and techniques. Of these, two stand out as new and important in marketing, namely: differentiation techniques for providing a differential advantage to both the domestic and the external positioning and techniques for creating a “position” in the mind of a potential customer .

Positioning is regarded as a revolutionary idea in marketing, because, besides its influence on the 4 Ps (product / service, price, promotion, placement), its essence lies in the successful company that uses this technique to create customer’s mind. In other words, positioning is the art of knowing how to “position the” product (service) in the customer’s mind. The main goal of positioning is to create a new product / service, but to manipulate what already exists in the mind of the customer to restore connections that were previously formed. The easiest way to enter the consumer’s mind is to be the first (the example of Kodak in photography, Xerox in copiers, the Hertz car rental) and to not give him reason to refocus it.

Being different brand level, is to be able to use a differentiating idea to defend or to attack the global market, the movement centers of power and influence networks is achieved by various systems of alliances between agencies economic, say rent a car Bucharest representatives.
In conclusion, differentiation implies firm focusing on the strengths available to meet market needs, while positioning seeks to influence consumers’ perceptions vis-à-vis the company and products / services. Clearly, differentiation gives the firm a competitive advantage. If she fails to differentiate, the company will no uniformity into (will be like all the others). At the same time positioning techniques used to change or retain their perceptions of consumers are able to offer the company a real competitive advantage.

All marketing tools – more new or traditional – are used in car rental, especially for commercial customers. Several specific means of marketing for calling a car rental company refers to advertising carried out nationally or abroad through travel agencies, yellow pages ads in the catalog, specialized guides, airports.

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