Finally Google changing search algorithms

Google said it has made a major change in the algorithms of search engine.
Thus, sites with poor content, copied or dominated by spam to fall on lower positions, while those with quality content to be privileged above will be displayed in the hierarchy. For starters, only U.S. users will be able to perceive these changes.

“Many of the changes we make in the algorithms are so subtle that few will notice them, but in the final days of the algorithms we launched some changes to be found in 11.8% of searches performed, ” said the American company.

This movement aims at so-called Google “articles farms”, sites that generate articles based on the most popular search terms in the meet, so they manage to be placed in top positions at the results. These articles’ content Farms “are criticized on grounds that are either poorly written or simply illegal copies sources, and Google has been criticized in recent months for not doing more to privilege quality content.

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