Irrelevant results to the search, Google’s main problem

Google searches web’s number one, faces the biggest challenge to rid the army of “spammers” that he surrounded himself – that the owners of sites who have learned how to look and what to include a Web page to appear as top Internet searches made by users, even in circumstances where the page is not even really answer the questions or searches.

In fact, the problem that affected the first generation of search engines – like AltaVista, now seems to become increasingly visible in the case of Google, which distanced itself from its rivals started precisely because very effective spam filter.

It is not just the results from searches to buy various products, services or equipment, but also academic research.

It turned out that one can not easily do this now on Google searches. Google has become a jungle: a tropical paradise for spammers and companies have to sell something. Almost every search takes you to sites that want to convince you to click on links that would bring their money or make money on ads that Google sponsored. There is no way to do a search on Google chronological substance. ”

Why has this happened? The reason is clear: Google has a 90% market share (excluding China and Russia). Around this “gorilla” (Google) has created a whole industry has been developed specifically to learn how to “tickle the gorilla to make you happy and enrich those who do it,” notes The Guardian.

Declining quality of searches on Google has been the subject of several articles in international media in recent months, but the U.S. giant claims in a message posted on the company blog that the results provided by its search engine “has never been better” . Google argues that the volume of irrelevant results (spam) to search in English is now more than 50% lower than that recorded five years ago. Spam level registered searches in languages other than English is lower, according to Google.

However, because the search engine would have noticed a “slight increase in spam in recent months, the company has made changes to penalize the search results to sites that copied content or publish only articles that contain meaningless keywords which are the top searches on the net.

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