Intel is going through its best period in company history

Intel, the largest computer chip manufacturer in the world has made 2010 the best development of the company’s history, with profits almost triple, and prophecies announcing the end of the PC era to the traditional tablet PC competition are at least exaggerated.

Intel reported an increase of 167%, from 11.7 billion dollars in net profit in 2010, the most profitable year ever chip manufacturer, and revenues of 43.6 billion U.S. dollars, 24% above those in 2009.
In the fourth quarter of the year the company achieved a profit of 3.39 billion dollars, increasing by 48%.

Intel, whose processors are used in 80% of active computers in the world today, is the first major technology company that publishes its financial results for last year. Data were awaited with great interest the market, given that tablet PC sales boom has prompted many in segment to trumpet the end of traditional computing era.

Sales of chips used in cloud-computing centers have helped increase revenue and profit in the fourth quarter of last year, even if demand for notebooks remained weak.

The company is optimistic but also for 2011. Intel has forecast in the first three months of its year revenue between 11.1 and 11.9 billion dollars, with a gross profit margin of at least 60%. The challenge for the U.S. company remains challenging segment of mobile devices (Tablet PCs, smartphones) where the British ARM Holdings is the leader.

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