Who owns Facebook?

Time Magazine named him Man of the Year 2010. Cannes Lions Advertising Festival – Media Personality of the Year. However Mark Zuckerberg longer holds today only 24% of the shares of the social network he founded 7 years ago. Who is actually the owner of Facebook, recently valued the company at a value of 50 billion dollars?

The answer is at hand Goldman Sachs investment bank who recently completed a significant investment worth 450 million dollars in social network, thereby Zuckerberg-founded company’s value to 50 billion dollars.

Although Goldman Sachs took a lot of money up in the yard but this assumption would be wrong: the 450 million they have not brought only 4% of the company. So who is the lucky one who owns the biggest stake in Facebook?

According to The Next Web jackpot winner goes to the employees up, which together hold 30% stake in social network which means that they sit on a mountain of money: no more than 15 billion dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg is the second shareholder up, 24% of the company, followed by SKZ Digital Technologies, a Russian investment fund which cumpăratîn 2009 to 800 million dollars, 10% of the company. Today the fund shares controlled by Yuri Milner Russian investor worth no more than 5 billion dollars.

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