2011 – Tablet PC year

Usually, changing years is a good opportunity for a retrospective of the past and some predictions for the beginning. This time is simple: launch the iPad has overshadowed everything. Prediction is short: the article will be called next year “Year of tablets.

I came by chance across an article published by Forbes magazine in August 2000 under the title “Introducing The Computer of 2010.” I like to read this kind of great prophets, especially now I have the chance to appreciate the extent to which predictions came true.
But this time there were true – which does not even surprise, considering that not even the true one year. Author (Kip Crosby) bet on an optical-based computer in important respects (processor, memory, disk), still having it only work electronics devices. Obviously, 2010 has passed and not just because I have seen such a computer, but I have not even heard of some concrete achievements in this direction (although I’m sure that they visit and this variant).

However, the computer was being imagined as a frisbee disc, will have the power of a supercomputer. But it proves that today’s computers and stubbornly remain square and not have any ambition to compete with supercomputers (whether old and ten years). The idea will be so smart that we will learn habits that will anticipate our intentions and touched me. Home was going to glue it to the wall and the house would have become intelligent, but here we are in 2011 and anything I stick on the walls, my apartment is as bad as 20 years ago. Interaction is provided based on speech recognition, but it seems that I was to repeat this material. At work, I have sat on the desk and place it would become a “giant” display. Hmm … here begins to become interesting … ie we snapped at the office? Do not Shoot with fingers and put them in file folders. Aha, that is tactile and gestures. We begin to approach. But if you deign to write some text? Appears at the right time a virtual keyboard that disappears when we no longer need. Yes, I saw this already.

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